Becoming SRE: First Steps Toward Reliability for You and Your Organization

Blank-Edelman, David N.

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  • 出版日期: 2024-03-19
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  • ISBN: 1492090557
  • ISBN-13: 9781492090557
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Do you wish the existing books on site reliability engineering started at the beginning? Do you wish someone would walk you through how to become an SRE, how to think like an SRE, or how to build and grow a successful SRE function in your organization?

Becoming SRE addresses all of these needs and more with three interconnected sections: the essential groundwork for understanding SRE and SRE culture, advice for individuals on becoming an SRE, and guidance for organizations on creating and developing a thriving SRE practice.

Acting as your personal and personable guide, author David Blank-Edelman takes you through subjects like:

  • SRE mindset, SRE culture, and SRE advocacy
  • What you need to get started and hired in SRE, and what the job will be like when you get there
  • What you need to bring SRE into an organization, and what is required for good organizational fit so it can thrive there
  • How to work with your business folks and management around SRE
  • How SRE can grow and mature in an organization over time

Ready to become an SRE? This book is here to help.


你是否希望現有的網站可靠性工程書籍從頭開始講解?你是否希望有人能夠指導你如何成為一名SRE,如何像一名SRE思考,或者如何在組織中建立和發展一個成功的SRE職能?《成為SRE》滿足了所有這些需求,並通過三個相互關聯的部分提供更多內容:理解SRE和SRE文化的基本基礎,個人成為SRE的建議,以及組織創建和發展蓬勃發展的SRE實踐的指導。作為你個人和親切的指南,作者David Blank-Edelman帶你深入探討以下主題:SRE的心態、SRE文化和SRE倡導;開始和被聘用為SRE所需的知識,以及當你到達目的地時工作的情況;將SRE引入組織所需的知識,以及使其在組織中繁榮所需的良好組織適應性;如何與商業人士和管理層合作處理SRE;SRE如何隨著時間在組織中成長和成熟。準備好成為一名SRE了嗎?這本書將幫助你。