Design Patterns for Cloud Native Applications: Patterns in Practice Using APIs, Data, Events, and Streams

Indrasiri, Kasun, Suhothayan, Sriskandarajah

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  • 出版日期: 2021-06-22
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With the immense cost savings and scalability the cloud provides, the rationale for building cloud native applications is no longer in question. The real issue is how. With this practical guide, developers will gain experience building cloud native applications using APIs, data, events, and streams in both greenfield and brownfield development.

You'll learn how to incrementally design, develop, and deploy large and effective cloud native applications that you can manage and maintain at scale with minimal cost, time, and effort. Authors Sriskandarajah Suhothayan and Kasun Indrasiri highlight use cases that effectively demonstrate the challenges you could encounter at each step.

  • Explore the issues you're likely to deal with when building highly scalable cloud native applications
  • Learn design patterns for addressing these issues--and best practices to help you apply them
  • Examine the tools and technologies essential for building cloud native systems
  • Implement scalable cloud native applications that are manageable and maintainable
  • Use patterns for building applications that are appropriate for specific use cases



您將學習如何逐步設計、開發和部署大型高效的雲原生應用程序,以最小的成本、時間和努力進行管理和維護。作者Sriskandarajah Suhothayan和Kasun Indrasiri突出展示了每個步驟可能遇到的挑戰的使用案例。

  • 探索在構建高度可擴展的雲原生應用程序時可能遇到的問題

  • 學習解決這些問題的設計模式-並學習如何應用最佳實踐

  • 研究構建雲原生系統所必需的工具和技術

  • 實施可擴展的可管理和可維護的雲原生應用程序

  • 使用適用於特定用例的應用程序構建模式


Kasun Indrasiri is a software architect with extensive experience in microservices, cloud native, and enterprise integration architecture. He's the author of gRPC: Up and Running (O'Reilly, 2019), Microservices for Enterprise (Apress, 2018), and Beginning WSO2 ESB (Apress, 2017). Kasun has spoken at several conferences, including O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2019 San Jose, GOTO Con 2019 Chicago, and WSO2 Conferences in San Francisco, London, and Barcelona. He also founded the Silicon Valley Microservices, APIs and Integration Meetup, which is one of the largest microservices meetups in the San Francisco Bay area.

Sriskandarajah (Suho) Suhothayan is a Senior Director at WSO2, with more than eight years of experience in architecting multiple data processing platforms. He's also the founder of Siddhi, a cloud native stream processor that can perform scalable data processing using microservices and Kubernetes ecosystem. Suho is a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster (UK) and Robert Gordon University (Scotland), conducting "Big Data" and "Data Science" courses. He has also spoken at various conferences, such as Strata Data Conference 2017 London, Structure Data Conference 2016 San Francisco, and at WSO2 User Conferences in San Francisco, London, Barcelona, and Colombo.


Kasun Indrasiri是一位具有豐富微服務、雲原生和企業整合架構經驗的軟體架構師。他是《gRPC: Up and Running》(O'Reilly,2019)、《Microservices for Enterprise》(Apress,2018)和《Beginning WSO2 ESB》(Apress,2017)的作者。Kasun曾在多個會議上演講,包括2019年O'Reilly軟體架構大會聖荷西站、2019年GOTO Con芝加哥站以及WSO2在舊金山、倫敦和巴塞羅那的會議。他還創辦了矽谷微服務、API和整合Meetup,該Meetup是舊金山灣區最大的微服務Meetup之一。

Sriskandarajah(Suho)Suhothayan是WSO2的高級總監,擁有超過八年的多個數據處理平台架構經驗。他還是Siddhi的創始人,Siddhi是一個雲原生流處理器,可以使用微服務和Kubernetes生態系統進行可擴展的數據處理。Suho是威斯敏斯特大學(英國)和羅伯特·戈登大學(蘇格蘭)的客座講師,開設“大數據”和“數據科學”課程。他還在各種會議上演講,例如2017年Strata Data Conference倫敦站、2016年Structure Data Conference舊金山站以及WSO2在舊金山、倫敦、巴塞羅那和科倫坡的用戶大會。