Internet Marketing & SEO for Contractors: Everything you need to know to market your home services business online for More Calls, More Leads & Bigger profits

Joshua D Nelson, Dean R Iodice


Internet Marketing & SEO for Contractors is a breakthrough book written specifically for Roofers, Plumbers, Kitchen Remodelers, Pool Builders, Landscapers, Pest Control, HVAC Contractors and other Home Service Businesses. If you are looking for ideas, strategies & techniques to grow your business and get more inbound calls, leads and profits by marketing online then you need look no further.

Throughout the pages of this book we will help you understand the online marketing landscape, define a proven plan for leveraging the internet to drive profitable inbound leads and walk you step-by-step through the process of implementing that plan for maximum results in terms of leads, calls and profits.

At first glance it might be overwhelming to consider all of the marketing options available in your online marketing playbook including Search Engines (Organic, Maps, Pay-per-click), Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In), Paid Online Directory Listings (Angie's List, YP, Yelp, etc) and Paid Online Lead Services (Home Advisers, Networx, etc). To maximize your lead flow from the internet you need to understand each of these marketing channels and develop a strategy for leveraging each.

We start the book by mapping out each of these online marketing channels so that you can see the big picture and understand the potential. From there, we take you step-by-step through each of these online marketing initiatives with clear instruction so that you can setup and implement a strategy for each.

  • How to setup your website
  • How the Search Engines work and the differences between the paid, organic and map listings
  • How to optimize your website for the keywords that are most important for your particular business via Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • How to get ranked on the Google Map in your area
  • How to ensure that your website converts visitors into leads in the form of calls and web submissions
  • How to optimize your website for mobile visitors
  • How to leverage Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn & other Social Platforms for maximum effect
  • How you can tap into the power of YouTube & other video sharing websites to enhance your visibility and drive better conversion
  • How to leverage eMail marketing to connect with your customers on a deeper level, get more reviews, get more social media followers and ultimately get more repeat and referral business.
  • How to maximize the profitability of your pay-per-click marketing efforts
  • What paid online directories should you consider advertising in (Angie's List, YP, Yelp, Judies Book, Merchant Circle, etc)
  • How to properly manage Pay-per-lead services for maximum return and long term gains
  • How to track your online marketing plan to ensure that your investment is generating a strong return on investment
If you follow the plan outlined in this book you will be well on your way to a more profitable business with better placement online and more inbound leads.

Here is what on of our readers had to say about after reading the book:

Finally a book that helps to bring all of the pieces of the puzzle together. With all of the moving parts and methods available for marketing your contracting business online it almost impossible to determine where to start and how to proceed. Josh gives a concise explanation of how you should structure your overall internet marketing plan (explaining all of the marketing channels) and how to roll out a strategy that encompasses each over time.

Luke Chapman; Carolina Deck & Fence

The plan outlined in this book helped me grow my business for a two man operation to a highly profitable seven man plumbing operation over the past two years.

Mark Norman - Shamrock Plumbing




乍一看,考慮到您在線營銷策略中的所有營銷選項,包括搜索引擎(自然搜索、地圖搜索、付費點擊)、社交媒體(Facebook、Twitter、Google+、LinkedIn)、付費在線目錄列表(Angie's List、YP、Yelp等)和付費在線潛在客戶服務(Home Advisers、Networx等),可能會讓人感到不知所措。為了最大程度地提高您從互聯網獲得的潛在客戶流量,您需要了解每個營銷渠道並制定相應的策略。


- 如何建立您的網站
- 搜索引擎的工作原理以及付費、自然和地圖搜索之間的區別
- 如何通過搜索引擎優化(SEO)為您的業務最重要的關鍵詞進行優化
- 如何在Google地圖上獲得您所在地區的排名
- 如何確保您的網站將訪問者轉化為來電和網絡提交的潛在客戶
- 如何為移動訪問者優化您的網站
- 如何充分利用社交媒體(Facebook、Twitter、Google+、LinkedIn和其他社交平台)的影響力
- 如何利用YouTube和其他視頻分享網站的力量提高能見度並實現更好的轉化
- 如何利用電子郵件營銷與客戶建立更深層次的聯繫,獲得更多評論、社交媒體追隨者,最終獲得更多重複和轉介業務
- 如何最大程度地提高您的每次點擊付費營銷活動的盈利能力
- 您應該考慮在哪些付費在線目錄中進行廣告投放(Angie's List、YP、Yelp、Judies Book、Merchant Circle等)
- 如何適當管理付費潛在客戶服務,以獲得最大的回報和長期利益
- 如何跟踪您的線上營銷計劃,以確保您的投資產生強大的回報




Luke Chapman; Carolina Deck & Fence


Mark Norman - Shamrock Plumbing