Raspberry Pi Robot with Camera and Sound: For Windows and Debian-Linux using Python

Herb Norbom


The perfect book for the hobbyist or the instructor that would like to build a robot using the Raspberry Pi. Run from Windows or Debian-Linux over a WiFi connection. Learn the use of GPIO, how to remotely control your Pi and the Pi Camera. The complete Python source code included along with wiring diagrams. Run your robot without a monitor, keyboard or mouse on the Pi. Your Pi will be able to play wav files and execute Text-to-Speech routines. The concepts shown here can be applied to many other projects for the Pi. This book continues the evolution of the original Max, and brings the robot through a compete generation. The book starts at the beginning of the process with the assumption that the reader needs extra help in getting the basic process underway. The reader is walked through to the final goal of building an actual WiFi controlled robot. The reader will be amazed at the knowledge they obtain from following the guided case study. Read this book and you take your Raspberry Pi to the next level and hopefully have a lot of fun doing it. Even if you do not want to build a robot but want to understand GPIO and control of the Pi Camera this book is a worthwhile read.