Publishing Wars: Legitimate Self Publishers vs Internet Marketing Hacks (Self Publishing on Amazon)

Jon Dough





The line has officially been drawn in the sand! War has been declared on the general public of eBook readers and small time humble Self Publishers!

War has been declared by the feces of the internet!


These are the feces of the earth! And these are the ones who have declared war on the public of people who believe that they are getting valuable information in the form of eBooks.

Make no mistake about it, this business has already turned into a get rich quick business that is full of liars, and con artists that are only out to dupe the masses into believing that they are authority figures on this earth!

Many of these kids are still in College and even high school!

Wake up people of the world and realize that you all are being taken for a ride!

Many people behind the scenes who agree with every single word that I say in my books have came to me privately and ask me why I am willing to put my neck out on the chopping block and expose these frauds for what they are doing when the overwhelming bulk of the general public simply does not care?
Well this is a question that I have from time to time asked myself, as often times the hate that I receive for doing this can be quite overwhelming and sometimes can put me in a depressed state of mind. But when these times come, just as I am about to give up the fight against evil and throw in the towel. I will receive some reassurance from those people who had absolutely no clue what was going on right underneath their noses and will thanks me for making them aware to the fact that no place is safe from hucksters and shysters.

So the question I have for you is are you ready for war?

Because if not then I suggest you close up your computer and get rid of your internet access for good, because there are shysters, hucksters, and marketing hacks lurking around every single corner!

They are very often in the places that you least expect them to be at.

So suite up and get ready for WAR!