Network Marketing For Facebook: Proven Social Media Techniques For Direct Sales & MLM Success

Jim Lupkin, Brian Carter


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NETWORK MARKETING FOR FACEBOOK contains the ONLY proven marketing system for direct sales on Facebook, and the only one created by a successful network marketing distributor.

Find an unlimited supply of customers and distributors for your products and business.

Make more money with the same or less effort than your current approach.

Two world-class social media marketers, Jim Lupkin & Brian Carter teach you how to build and grow your distribution network with Facebook, which gives you direct access to more than 1.32 billion people.

As co-author Jim Lupkin says, "I am the customer for this book. I have failed and succeeded as a network-marketing distributor and I used social media to help me succeed. I know what the distributor is going through and because of that I can talk to them in a way that no one else can."

Whether you’re a beginning or advanced network marketer, you will learn how to get people to try samples, buy products and become distributors, and the most natural ways to make new connections and nurture those relationships.

"Jim and Brian's new book was a really great surprise and I was stunned at the precise tactics and strategies that were in there and many I had never seen before. This book I predict will become a classic in the home business social media arena and this is a MUST READ for anyone who is serious about their network marketing business utilizing social media and facebook for massive success! BRILLIANT!" - Doug Firebaugh

"Valuable information and practical techniques for direct sellers that will help them use Facebook more effectively in their businesses." - Debbie Squier, President, IMPACT This Day Inc.

"When I think of an expert in marketing through Facebook, I think first of Jim Lupkin. I would recommend it to my fellow learners." - Garry Ford, President, Harold Taylor Time Consultants Ltd.

"A must read book... Jim Lupkin is one of the best." - Evan Klassen, Best Selling Author and Entrepreneur

What will you gain from reading this book?
- You will never run out of people to speak with about your business.
- You will be able to build trusted long-term relationships with others that lead to more customers, distributors and referrals.
- It won’t be easy, yet it won’t be hard. Like everything in life, it will be a battle you fight and win from within.

The book contains 12 chapters to teach you how to network market on Facebook successfully... plus 12 interviews with distributors and owners who earn more than $100,000 per year in network marketing (and some of them earn more than $1 million per year). They also believe that Facebook helped them achieve this level of success.

1. Our Success Is Now Your Success 15
2. Facebook Is Part Of Your Strategy, Not The Whole Strategy 26
3. Why You Should Use Facebook 32
4. Groups: Support Is Just A Few Clicks Away 40
5. What Does Your Facebook Profile Say About You? 51
6. Go Public On Facebook 59
7. Go Personal On Facebook With Messages 66
8. How To Respond When Friends Message Back 73
9. How To Turn Customers Into Distributors 80
10. Why It’s Critical To Stay In Touch With Friends 82
11. Grow Your Friends To Grow Your Income 88
12. How Birthday Wishes Create Business Success 92
Introduction 100
Karen Aycock 102
Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero 106
Daren Falter 116
Doug Firebaugh 124
Carol and Garry Ford 132
Kathy Humpherys 137
Kim Klaver 145
Dorina Lanza 153
Jill McCarthy 160
Jason L. Scott, 1st 164
Michael Stotts 170
Kirby And Cindy Wright 177