A Python Primer for ArcGIS®: Workbook I

Nathan Jennings

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A Python Primer for ArcGIS® Workbook I (1 of 3) The automation of geoprocessing tasks is a common practice among GIS professionals. Python is the standard programming language for ArcGIS and other fields such as remote sensing, GPS, spatial modeling, and statistical analysis. A Python Primer for ArcGIS® Workbook series combines fundamental Python programming structures to help professionals automate common geoprocessing functions. Thorough explanations of programming concepts are included along with user-friendly demonstrations that enable readers to develop programs on their own. In addition, chapters contain exercises and questions that aid in the application of each chapter’s highlighted principles. Workbook I provides a practical introduction using Python for ArcGIS geoprocessing. Readers will learn some Python basics ending with writing a simple geoprocessing script. A Python Primer for ArcGIS® Workbook II contains coding strategies for common GIS tasks and processes.

Workbook II can be ordered here: https://www.createspace.com/5215222

A Python Primer for ArcGIS® Workbook III (in press) covers creating custom Python tools and script automation.

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