QuickTime for the Web: For Windows and Macintosh, 2/e (Paperback)


  • 出版商: Morgan Kaufmann
  • 出版日期: 2001-11-02
  • 定價: $2,100
  • 售價: 5.0$1,050
  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 738
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1558607803
  • ISBN-13: 9781558607804
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QuickTime is the industry standard for creating and distributing multimedia content on the Web. This book includes QuickTime Pro 5 and a full set of development tools for both Windows and Macintosh. Like the best-selling and award-winning QuickTime for the Web, this second edition is a hands-on guide showing how to integrate video, recorded sound, Flash animation, virtual reality, MIDI, text, still images, live streams, games, and user interactivity into a website.

Written for webmasters, site designers, HTML and multimedia authors and instructors, and anyone else--beginner or expert--who wants to incorporate sound or video into their website, this book offers clear and detailed instruction in an engaging style. This is the most complete and authoritative source for creating QuickTime content and putting it on the Web. The first edition has been selected as a textbook for several college-level multimedia courses.

The first edition of this book won the Touchstone 2000 Merit Award for Books awarded annually by STC (Society for Technical Communications).

About the CD-ROM:
The accompanying CD-ROM contains the full version of QuickTime Pro 5 (a $29.99 value) for Windows and Macintosh. Its powerful, extensible software architecture lets you deliver state-of-the-art digital content over the Web or on CD-ROM. It works equally well on Windows (95/98/NT/2000) and Mac OS. The CD-ROM also includes a variety of tools for creating and editing movies, along with cut-and-paste HTML and JavaScript examples.


Preface: Why QuickTime?
Site Designers
HTML Authors
CD-ROM Developers
In Short
So What's in the Book?
1: Introduction
What's a QuickTime Movie?
What's QuickTime?
Delivery Methods: Disk, Web Server, Streams
2: First Things First: Installing QuickTime
Minimum System Requirements
Installing QuickTime from the CD
Registering QuickTime Pro
Setting Your Connection Speed
Updating to the Latest Version
3: Bust a .Mov
Multimedia and the Web
Converting Existing Media into QuickTime Movies
Using the QTSRC Parameter
To .Mov, or Not to .Mov?
4: Basic Training: Putting QuickTime in a Web Page
Linking with the A HREF Tag
Embedding with the EMBED Tag
What About the OBJECT Tag?
Preventing Hijacking with QTSRC
Launching Movies in QuickTime Player
Get QuickTime
5: Special Delivery: QuickTime+HTML
Special Features of the QuickTime Plug-in
Plug-in Helper
Copy Protecting Movies
QuickTime and URLs
Saving Movies
Putting Multiple Movies on a Page
Detecting QuickTime
6: What Webmasters Need to Know
MIME Types and File Extensions
Server Features and Server Load
7: What About Streaming?
What It Is
What It's Not
Why It's Cool
What You Need
When Do You Need It?
How It Works
8: Alternate Realities: Language, Speed, and Connections
Alternate Movies
Tools for making Reference Movies
Alternate Movies and QTSRC
Alternate Tracks
9: It's in the Script: Basic JavaScript
JavaScript Basics
Useful JavaScripts
10: Now Hear This: Audio
Interesting Ways to Use Audio
Recorded Music on the Web
I Want My MP3
Getting the Most out of MIDI
Looping and Stuttering
Making it Fit: Sampling, Bandwidth, and Compression
Audio Codecs
Recording for the Web
Popular Audio Formats
11: Show Me Something Good-Images
Importing Images into QuickTime
Creating Slide Shows
Adding Sound to a Slide Show
Converting PowerPoint Presentations
Adding a Still Image as a Movie Background
Adding a Logo to a Movie
Transparency and Alpha Channels
Color and Gamma
Popular Image Formats
12: Just Like in the Movies
Importing Movies
Putting Movies on the Web
Making Movies for the Web
Compressing Your Movie
Other Movie Formats
13: Text! Text! Text!
Creating Text Tracks
Creating Titles and Scrolling Credits
Adding Subtitles to a Movie
Adding a Chapter List to a Movie
HREF Tracks
Fonts and Cross-Platform Movies
Burning Text into a Video Track
Searching a Text Track
14: Gently Down the Stream
Making Streaming Movies
Making a Fast Start Reference Movie
Embedding Streaming Movies in a Web Page
Setting Up a Streaming Server
Live Streaming
Firewalls, NAT, and HTTP Tunneling
15: An Animated Approach
Cel-Based Animation
Vector Graphics
Sprite Animation
16: Getting Interactive
QuickTime Interactivity
Getting Interactive with Text Tracks
Pushing Buttons with Wired Sprites
Interactive Audio
Shocking Behavior With Flash Tracks
Interactive Audio and Video
Skinning the Cat (but in a Good Way)
QuickTime and JavaScript
17: Mixing It Up: Streaming and Nonstreaming
Adding a Chapter List to a Streaming Movie
Adding Streaming Content to a Local Movie
Allocating Bandwidth
Adding Wired Sprites to a Streaming Movie
Adding Flash to a Streaming Movie
18: SMIL for the Camera
Introduction to SMIL and QuickTime
SMIL Tutorial
19: Let's Get Virtual
QuickTime VR Overview
Creating QTVR Panoramas
Creating QTVR Object Movies
Compositing QTVR with Other Media
Embedding QTVR in a Web Page
Appendix A: QuickTime Player Editing Features
Appendix B: QuickTime Configuration
Appendix C: Contents of the CD
Appendix D: Compatibility Issues
Appendix E: QuickTime Media Types
Appendix F: Including QuickTime on Your CD
Appendix G: Work Flow Automation with AppleScript