How to Build a Business Rules Engine: Extending Application Functionality Through Metadata Engineering

Malcolm Chisholm





· This is the only book that demonstrates how to develop a business rules engine. Covers user requirements, data modeling, metadata, and more.
· A sample application is used throughout the book to illustrate concepts. The code for the sample application is available online at
· Includes conceptual overview chapters suitable for management-level readers, including general introduction, business justification, development and implementation considerations, and more.

Table of Contents

What Are Business Rules and Business Rules Engines. Why Build a Business Rules Engine. Data Modeling and Database Design. Who Defines Business Rules and When Do They Do It. The Atomicity of Business Rules. The "Black Box" Problem. The Components of a Business Rules Engine. Populating Table Data in the Repository. Populating Column Data in the Repository. Populating Relationship and Subtype Data in the Repository. Populating Reference Data in the Repository. Defining Business Processes and Related Information. Extending the Database. Managing the Database. Implementing a Simple Business Rule. More Edit Validation Rules, Rule Components, and Rule Versions. Rule Types for Checking Referential Integrity. Working with Batch Processes: Setting Indicators and Reference Data Code Values. Implementing Rule Types Using Relationships and Subtipes. Rules with Subtypes and Business Metadata. Debugging in Business Rules Engines. Managing the Business Rules Engine. Appendix A: Using the Sample Application.




· 這是唯一一本展示如何開發業務規則引擎的書籍。涵蓋用戶需求、數據建模、元數據等內容。
· 書中使用一個示例應用程序來說明概念。示例應用程序的代碼可在http://www.refdataportal.com上線上獲取。
· 包括適合管理層讀者的概念概述章節,包括一般介紹、業務正當性、開發和實施考慮等內容。