Perl Resource Kit - Win32 Edtion

Erik Olson, Brian Jepson, David Futato, Dick Hardt

  • 出版商: O'Reilly
  • 出版日期: 1998-08-11
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  • 售價: 5.0$2,250
  • 語言: 英文
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1565924096
  • ISBN-13: 9781565924093
  • 相關分類: Perl 程式語言
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The Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition is an essential tool for Perl programmers who are expanding their platform expertise to include Win32, and for Win32 Webmasters and system administrators who have discovered the power and flexibility of Perl. The Kit contains some of the latest commercial Win32 Perl software from Dick Hardt's ActiveState Tool Corp., along with a collection of Perl modules that run on Win32, and a definitive documentation set from O'Reilly.The Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition provides: Over 1800 pages of in-depth documentation covering hundreds of Perl modules and detailed instructions on the new Win32 Perl software. The books in the Kit are not available elsewhere and include:

  • Programming with Perl Modules, by Erik Olson
  • Perl Module Reference, two volumes compiled and edited by David Futato
A CD-ROM containing the complete Perl for Win32 5.005 distribution, plus new commercial Win32 Perl software, including:


  • Perl debugger (enables easy location of bugs and swift verification of your scripts)
  • Visual Package Manager (enhances installation of hundreds of certain Perl modules that run on Win32)
  • PerlCOM (enables access to Perl scripts as COM objects)
  • PerlCtrl (turns a Perl script into an ActiveX control)
  • Network Install (enables installation on a network)
  • Win32 Perl Help from O'Reilly and other tools for Perl developers
The Perl Resource Kit, Win32 Edition, is brought to you by the premier publisher of Perl and Windows books and documentation, O'Reilly & Associates.


「Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition」是Perl程式設計師擴展平台專業知識至Win32的必備工具,同時也適用於發現Perl的強大和靈活性的Win32網站管理員和系統管理員。該套件包含了Dick Hardt的ActiveState Tool Corp.最新的商業Win32 Perl軟體,以及適用於Win32的Perl模組集合和O'Reilly的權威文件集。

「Perl Resource Kit -- Win32 Edition」提供以下內容:
- 超過1800頁的深入文件,涵蓋數百個Perl模組和新的Win32 Perl軟體的詳細指令。該套件中的書籍無法在其他地方取得,包括:
- 《Programming with Perl Modules》(Erik Olson著)
- 《Perl Module Reference》(David Futato編輯的兩卷本)
- 一張CD-ROM,包含完整的Perl for Win32 5.005發行版,以及新的商業Win32 Perl軟體,包括:
- Perl偵錯器(方便尋找錯誤和快速驗證腳本)
- 視覺化套件管理器(增強安裝運行在Win32上的數百個Perl模組)
- PerlCOM(將Perl腳本作為COM物件使用)
- PerlCtrl(將Perl腳本轉換為ActiveX控制項)
- 網路安裝(可在網路上進行安裝)
- O'Reilly提供的Win32 Perl說明文件和其他Perl開發者工具

「Perl Resource Kit, Win32 Edition」由Perl和Windows書籍和文件的領先出版商O'Reilly & Associates提供。