Oracle SAP Administration (Paperback)

Donald K. Burleson

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SAP is the leading vendor of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in the world. (The name SAP is an acronym for the German "Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung", which roughly translates to "Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing".) Developed and marketed by SAP-AG, a Germany company that was founded in 1972 by IBM application developers, SAP has historically sold to the European market. During the 1990s, the company has increasingly dominated the U.S. market as well among large Fortune 500 companies. Nearly half the SAP user base is now in the U.S. Now that SAP-AG is beginning to penetrate the small to medium-size companies, client/server sales are accelerating.The SAP system performs a wide range of business functions, from manufacturing, sales, and distribution to accounting and human resources. By linking together these business functions, SAP helps the entire enterprise run more smoothly. The system can be used with virtually any hardware or operating system and with most database systems. Oracle is the dominant DBMS - about 80% of SAP systems use Oracle. Conversely, about 20% of large Oracle sites run SAP -- and the numbers are growing. Although overall SAP numbers are tightly guarded, it appears that there are about 20,000 SAP sites, in 90 countries. SAP-AG's 1998 sales were approximately 8.47 billion.Although there is voluminous documentation on using SAP and using Oracle, until now there has been no book that described the intersection between the two systems. Experienced Oracle administrators have a lot to learn when their organizations start using SAP. Oracle SAP administration differs from traditional Oracle administration in many ways. SAP provides its own tools for Oracle administration; Oracle DBAs need to learn how to use these tools -- and need to learn when the tools are not the best way to accomplish a task. There are special settings for initialization (INIT.ORA) parameters, special monitoring and tuning guidelines, and a variety of other special situations.This concise book is aimed at experienced Oracle database administrators, system administrators, and developers who are using either Oracle8 or Oracle7. It emphasizes the differences between traditional Oracle administration and Oracle/SAP administration, and it supplements the Oracle and SAP documentation. The book covers the most useful administration tools, SAPDBA and SAPGUI. It provides recommendations for the most efficient placement of data files; monitoring databases; reorganizing tables, tablespaces, and indexes; backing up and recoving databases; and tuning Oracle/SAP databases for best performance. There are chapters on special issues for parallel processing and for very large SAP databases and a summary of additional resources for the Oracle/SAP administrator. The tried-and-true tips and techniques contained in this book should save you hundreds of hours of aggravation while you adapt to using Oracle and SAP in combination.


SAP是全球領先的企業資源規劃(ERP)系統供應商。(SAP這個名字是德文“Systemanalyse und Programmentwicklung”的縮寫,大致翻譯為“數據處理中的系統、應用和產品”。)SAP由SAP-AG開發和銷售,這是一家由IBM應用程序開發人員於1972年在德國創立的公司,SAP在歷史上主要銷售給歐洲市場。在1990年代,該公司在美國市場,尤其是在大型財富500強公司中,逐漸佔據主導地位。現在,將SAP-AG逐漸滲透到中小型企業,客戶/服務器銷售正在加速。SAP系統執行各種業務功能,從製造、銷售和分銷到會計和人力資源。通過將這些業務功能聯繫在一起,SAP有助於整個企業運行更順暢。該系統可以與幾乎任何硬件或操作系統以及大多數數據庫系統一起使用。Oracle是主導的數據庫管理系統(DBMS),大約80%的SAP系統使用Oracle。相反,大約20%的大型Oracle站點運行SAP - 這個數字還在增長。雖然整體SAP數字嚴格保密,但估計全球有約20,000個SAP站點,分佈在90個國家。SAP-AG在1998年的銷售額約為84.7億美元。儘管有大量關於使用SAP和使用Oracle的文檔,但迄今為止還沒有一本書描述了這兩個系統之間的交集。有經驗的Oracle管理員在其組織開始使用SAP時需要學習很多東西。Oracle SAP管理在許多方面與傳統的Oracle管理不同。SAP提供了自己的Oracle管理工具;Oracle數據庫管理員需要學習如何使用這些工具,並且需要了解何時這些工具不是完成任務的最佳方式。這本簡明的書針對有經驗的Oracle數據庫管理員、系統管理員和開發人員,他們使用的是Oracle8或Oracle7。它強調了傳統Oracle管理和Oracle/SAP管理之間的差異,並補充了Oracle和SAP的文檔。該書涵蓋了最有用的管理工具SAPDBA和SAPGUI。它提供了最有效的數據文件放置建議;監控數據庫;重組表、表空間和索引;備份和恢復數據庫;以及調整Oracle/SAP數據庫以獲得最佳性能。書中還有關於並行處理和非常大型SAP數據庫的特殊問題的章節,以及Oracle/SAP管理員的其他資源摘要。這本書中包含的經過驗證的技巧和技術應該能夠節省您數百個小時的煩惱,幫助您適應使用Oracle和SAP的組合。