Voice Over DSL

Richard Grigonis




Ever wish that you could magically turn one phone line into four? Or 12? Or 24? And get high-speed access to the Internet in the bargain? This is the unprecedented opportunity offered by voice over DSL (VoDSL), a technology that truly revitalizes the copper wires that for more than a century have connected all of the world's telephones.

Now, at last, here is a complete guide to VoDSL technology for every IT professional and decision-maker, with content easily accessible to anyone who needs to get up-to-speed fast on the technology and economics of implementing voice and data over DSL.

This book will empower small- and medium-sized businesses that want to inexpensively create a call center or establish a virtual private network for delivering data and voice communications to branch offices and teleworkers.

The author first takes the reader on a short tour of the public telephone and data networks as they have existed in the past and present. He then examines the current realities of VoDSL, presenting comprehensive explanations of each of VoDSL's various guises and carefully detailing their advantages and disadvantages. After a discussion of what to look for in equipment and service providers, some compelling VoDSL-related business applications are presented. The book concludes with a preview of the future of voice and data services, how VoDSL will help usher in the era of the next-generation network, and a look at impending governmental legislation impact on broadband, in general, and VoDSL in particular.

If you're considering dumping your old phone lines and switching to VoDSL, or want to glean some new communications ideas, or simply want a comprehensive reference for the VoDSL system you already own, this book offers the insight and guidance that you need right now.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 The Evolving Telephone Network

Chapter 2  Data-over-Voice, Voice-over-Data     

Chapter 3  DSL Explained

Chapter 4  VoDSL – The Basics

Chapter   Chapter 5  Four Roads to VoDSL

Chapter   Chapter 6  Customer Premise Equipment

Chapter 7  Considerations When Choosing a Service Provider 

Chapter 8  VoDSL – A Compelling Business Case 

Chapter 9  Why VoDSL Will Succeed

Chapter 10  The Future

Appendix A  The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model 

Appendix B  A Plethora of Protocols 


Index of Figures


書名: VoDSL技術指南









第1章 電話網絡的演變

第2章  數據語音互換,語音數據互換     

第3章  DSL解釋

第4章  VoDSL - 基礎知識

第5章  四種VoDSL的途徑

第6章  客戶端設備

第7章  選擇服務提供商時的考慮因素 

第8章  VoDSL - 一個引人注目的商業案例 

第9章  為什麼VoDSL會成功

第10章  未來展望