Managing Cisco Network Security (Hardcover)

Mike Wenstrom

  • 出版商: Cisco Press
  • 出版日期: 2001-01-15
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 789
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 1578701031
  • ISBN-13: 9781578701032
  • 相關分類: Cisco資訊安全
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  • Prepare for the Cisco Security Specialist certification while mastering the technology concepts and security services to protect your network
  • Develop and implement a network security policy
  • Configure Cisco routers to secure the network environment by controlling SNMP access, routing updates, network traffic, and Ethernet switch port and access security
  • Understand the AAA architecture and configure the Network Access Server for AAA, CiscoSecure ACS, and TACACS+
  • Secure Internet connections by creating a perimeter security system with Cisco routers
  • Configure a variety of features of the PIX Firewall, including access control, multiple interfaces, AAA, PPTP support, Java applet blocking, URL and FTP filtering, SNMP and syslog support, redundancy, and maintenance
  • Understand CET and the steps you must follow to configure it on Cisco routers
  • Learn how to use IPSec protocols to create a secure VPN and scale IPSec networks to support multiple IPSec peers

While the benefits of the information revolution are enormous, so too are the risks you take when offering products, services, and information to your customers, employees, and business partners via your network. Now more than ever, taking the proper steps to ensure the integrity of your network is critical for protecting your most valuable asset: your data. Even so, most corporate and government networks are vulnerable to attack. Managing Cisco Network Security teaches you how to install, configure, operate, manage, and verify Cisco network security products and Cisco IOS Software security features.

Based on the content of the Internet Learning Solutions Groups MCNS instructor-led class, Managing Cisco Network Security focuses on implementing IP network security. Each chapter in the book presents a practical, task-based approach to implementing the security features discussed through a running case study of a hypothetical company that builds a network security architecture from the ground up. Divided into six parts, the book begins with an overview of network security threats and helps you identify the causes of network security problems. Part I also contains information that teaches you how to establish network security policies and secure the network infrastructure. Part II describes methods for securing remote dial-in access using CiscoSecure ACS and Cisco IOS Software AAA security features. Part III focuses on protecting Internet access by identifying the basic components of a perimeter security system and configuring perimeter routers and the Cisco Firewall Feature set. Part IV introduces you to the features and components of the PIX Firewall, presenting details on how to configure essential PIX Firewall features. Part V examines Cisco Encryption Technology (CET), and shows you how to configure CET to ensure data privacy. In Part VI, you will learn how to implement a secure virtual private network (VPN) solution using IPSecurity features as well as how to use intrusion detection and network auditing tools. In addition to the running case study, Managing Cisco Network Security contains a wealth of configuration examples, command summaries, helpful tables and diagrams, and chapter-ending review questions, making this book an effective preparation tool for the MCNS portion of the Cisco Security Specialist certification, part of the new Cisco Qualified Specialist certification track.


準備 Cisco Security Specialist 認證,同時掌握技術概念和安全服務,以保護您的網絡。
通過控制 SNMP 訪問、路由更新、網絡流量、以太網交換機端口和訪問安全,配置 Cisco 路由器以保護網絡環境。
了解 AAA 架構並配置用於 AAA 的網絡訪問服務器,如 CiscoSecure ACS 和 TACACS+。
通過使用 Cisco 路由器創建周邊安全系統,保護互聯網連接。
配置 PIX 防火牆的各種功能,包括訪問控制、多個接口、AAA、PPTP 支持、Java applet 阻止、URL 和 FTP 過濾、SNMP 和 syslog 支持、冗餘和維護。
了解 CET 以及在 Cisco 路由器上配置 CET 的步驟。
學習如何使用 IPSec 協議創建安全的 VPN,並擴展 IPSec 網絡以支持多個 IPSec 對等體。

儘管信息革命的好處是巨大的,但通過網絡向客戶、員工和商業合作夥伴提供產品、服務和信息時所承擔的風險也是巨大的。現在比以往任何時候都更加重要的是,採取適當的措施確保網絡的完整性,這對於保護您最寶貴的資產 - 您的數據至關重要。然而,大多數企業和政府網絡都容易受到攻擊。

《管理 Cisco 網絡安全》教您如何安裝、配置、操作、管理和驗證 Cisco 網絡安全產品和 Cisco IOS 軟件安全功能。

基於互聯網學習解決方案集團 MCNS 的教師主導課程的內容,《管理 Cisco 網絡安全》專注於實施 IP 網絡安全。書中的每一章都通過一個虛構公司的實際案例研究,以實用的、任務導向的方法來實施所討論的安全功能。本書分為六個部分,首先概述了網絡安全威脅,並幫助您識別網絡安全問題的原因。第一部分還包含了教您如何建立網絡安全策略和保護網絡基礎設施的信息。第二部分描述了使用 CiscoSecure ACS 和 Cisco IOS 軟件 AAA 安全功能來保護遠程撥入訪問的方法。第三部分重點介紹了通過識別周邊安全系統的基本組件並配置周邊路由器和 Cisco 防火牆功能集來保護互聯網訪問。第四部分介紹了 PIX 防火牆的功能和組件,詳細介紹了如何配置必要的 PIX 防火牆功能。第五部分介紹了 Cisco 加密技術(CET),並展示了如何配置 CET 以確保數據隱私。在第六部分中,您將學習如何使用 IPSecurity 功能實施安全的虛擬私有網絡(VPN)解決方案,以及如何使用入侵檢測和網絡審計工具。除了案例研究外,《管理 Cisco 網絡安全》還包含大量的配置示例、命令摘要、有用的表格和圖表以及章節結束的復習問題,使本書成為 Cisco Security Specialist 認證 MCNS 部分的有效準備工具,也是新的 Cisco Qualified Specialist 認證路徑的一部分。