IP Quality of Service (Hardcover)

Srinivas Raju Vegesna

  • 出版商: Cisco Press
  • 出版日期: 2001-02-02
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 368
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 1578701163
  • ISBN-13: 9781578701162
  • 相關分類: Cisco
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The complete resource for understanding and deploying IP quality of service for Cisco networks

    Learn to deliver and deploy IP QoS and MPLS-based traffic engineering by understanding:
  • QoS fundamentals and the need for IP QoS
  • Differentiated Services QoS architecture and its enabling QoS functionality
  • Integrated Services QoS model and its enabling QoS functions
  • ATM, Frame Relay, and IEEE 802.1p/802.1Q QoS technologies and how they interwork with IP QoS
  • MPLS and MPLS VPN QoS and how they interwork with IP QoS
  • MPLS traffic engineering
  • Routing policies, general IP QoS functions, and other miscellaneous QoS information

Quality of service (QoS) technologies provide networks with greater reliability in delivering applications, as well as control over access, delay, loss, content quality, and bandwidth. IP Quality of Service serves as an essential resource and design guide for anyone planning to deploy QoS services in Cisco networks. The emphasis is on real-world application-going beyond conceptual explanations to teach actual deployment.

IP Quality of Service is written for internetworking professionals who are responsible for designing and maintaining IP services for corporate intranets and for service provider network infrastructures. Because incorporating some measure of QoS is an integral part of any network design process, IP Quality of Service applies to all IP networks-corporate intranets, service provider networks, and the Internet.


完整的資源,用於理解和部署Cisco網絡的IP服務品質(Quality of Service,QoS)。

學習如何通過理解以下內容來提供和部署IP QoS和基於MPLS的流量工程:
- QoS基礎知識和IP QoS的需求
- 分類服務(Differentiated Services)QoS架構及其實現QoS功能
- 綜合服務(Integrated Services)QoS模型及其實現QoS功能
- ATM、Frame Relay和IEEE 802.1p/802.1Q QoS技術以及它們與IP QoS的互操作性
- MPLS和MPLS VPN QoS以及它們與IP QoS的互操作性
- MPLS流量工程
- 路由策略、一般IP QoS功能和其他雜項QoS信息

品質服務(QoS)技術提供了更可靠的應用程序傳遞,以及對訪問、延遲、丟失、內容質量和帶寬的控制。《IP Quality of Service》是一本重要的資源和設計指南,適用於計劃在Cisco網絡中部署QoS服務的任何人。重點是實際應用,超越概念解釋,教授實際部署。

《IP Quality of Service》是為負責設計和維護企業內部網和服務提供商網絡基礎設施的網絡專業人士撰寫的。由於在任何網絡設計過程中都需要納入某種程度的QoS,因此《IP Quality of Service》適用於所有IP網絡-企業內部網、服務提供商網絡和互聯網。