Integrating Voice and Data Networks (Hardcover)

Scott Keagy



  • Features in-depth solutions for the design and implementation of integrated voice and data networks
  • Detailed configurations show network engineers how to implement packetized voice immediately
  • Chapters on voice theory and data theory ensure mastery of fundamental knowledge
  • Learn how to lower costs, streamline your organization, prepare for new multimedia applications, and gain a competitive advantage by integrating your voice and data networks

The integration of voice and data networks is creating a fundamental change in the telecommunications and data industries. This change means better phone service, lower prices, new features, less maintenance, and more choices, leading to a complete convergence of the data networking and telecommunications industries into a single community. With all of this growth and change, network engineers and managers need specific information on how to integrate and configure packetized voice networks. Integrating Voice and Data Networks is designed as your one-stop shop for learning how to integrate traditional voice technology into existing Cisco data networks.

Integrating Voice and Data Networks is both a conceptual reference and a practical how-to book that bridges the gap between existing telephony networks and the new world of packetized voice over data networks. Underlying technologies are explained in a non-product-specific manner that gives a holistic understanding of voice/data integration. Youll then follow a complete process to design and implement a variety of network scenarios, leveraging author Scott Keagys extensive experience with real voice/data networks.

Integrating Voice and Data Networks focuses on the implementation of Voice over Frame Relay (VoFR), Voice over ATM (VoATM), and Voice over IP (VoIP) using Cisco IOS voice gateways, including the Cisco MC3810, Cisco 2600/3600/7200/7500 series routers, and AS5300/AS5800 Access Servers.


《整合語音和數據網絡》提供了深入解決方案,用於設計和實施集成語音和數據網絡。詳細的配置示範了網絡工程師如何立即實施分組語音。語音理論和數據理論的章節確保了對基礎知識的掌握。通過整合語音和數據網絡,您可以降低成本,簡化組織,為新的多媒體應用做好準備,並通過獲得競爭優勢。語音和數據網絡的整合正在為電信和數據行業帶來根本性的變革。這種變革意味著更好的電話服務,更低的價格,新的功能,更少的維護和更多的選擇,從而導致數據網絡和電信行業的完全融合。在這種增長和變革中,網絡工程師和管理人員需要有關如何整合和配置分組語音網絡的具體信息。《整合語音和數據網絡》旨在成為您學習如何將傳統語音技術整合到現有的Cisco數據網絡中的一站式資源。《整合語音和數據網絡》既是一本概念參考書,也是一本實用的操作指南,填補了現有電話網絡和基於數據網絡的分組語音之間的差距。該書以非產品特定的方式解釋底層技術,使讀者對語音/數據整合有全面的理解。然後,您將按照完整的流程設計和實施各種網絡場景,利用作者Scott Keagy在真實語音/數據網絡方面的豐富經驗。《整合語音和數據網絡》重點介紹了使用Cisco IOS語音網關的幀中繼語音(VoFR),ATM中繼語音(VoATM)和IP中繼語音(VoIP)的實施,包括Cisco MC3810,Cisco 2600/3600/7200/7500系列路由器和AS5300/AS5800接入服務器。