Computer Forensics: Computer Crime Scene Investigation

John R. Vacca



Terrorist attacks are no longer relegated to airports and federal buildings. Using personal computers as their weapons, hackers and criminals (some only 11 years old) have attacked the Internet, government agencies, financial companies, small businesses, and credit card accounts of unsuspecting individuals. This book/CD package provides a complete overview of computer forensics from its definition to "crime scene investigation," seizure of data, determining the "fingerprints" of the crime, and tracking down the criminal. The book focuses on "solving the crime" rather than information security.

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive overview of the subject from definitions to data recovery techniques to auditing methods to terrorist cyber-attacks
  • Case studies and vignettes of actual computer crimes
  • Selected Topics: Computer Forensics Fundamentals; Data Recovery; Evidence Collection And Data Seizure; Duplication And Preservation Of Digital Evidence; Electronic Evidence Reconstructing Past Events; Deterrence through Attacker ID; Destruction of e-mail; Is the US Government Prepared for Information Warfare; The Dark World of the Cyber Underground; Protection against Random Terrorist Information Warfare Tactics; The Cyber Foot Print and Criminal Tacking; The Individual Exposed; Case Studies and Vignettes
  • CD includes tools, presentations, and demos of the latest computer forensics software, including partition images from The Forensic Challenge



- 從定義到數據恢復技術、審計方法到恐怖分子網絡攻擊的全面概述
- 實際計算機犯罪案例研究和短篇故事
- 選定主題:計算機取證基礎知識;數據恢復;證據收集和數據扣押;數字證據的複製和保存;重建過去事件的電子證據;通過攻擊者身份識別來遏制;電子郵件的銷毀;美國政府是否準備好進行信息戰;網絡地下世界;防範隨機恐怖分子信息戰戰術;網絡足跡和犯罪追踪;個人的曝光;案例研究和短篇故事
- 光碟包括最新的計算機取證軟件工具、演示和展示,包括來自《計算機取證挑戰》的分區映像。