Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Game Development (Paperback)

Glen Rhodes

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  • 出版日期: 2004-04-29
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
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  • ISBN-13: 9781584503095
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With its quick download time and cross-platform deployment abilities, Macromedia Flash™ MX 2004 is quickly becoming the program of choice for online game development. The use of vector graphics also makes the games scalable for any resolution from full screen to cell phone. Intended for both game and Web developers, Macromedia Flash™ MX 2004 Game Development teaches developers how to maximize Macromedia Flash™ MX 2004 for the creation of online games. All the details are covered, including design, story and character development, the physics and motion of a game, audio issues, and more. Throughout the book, developers create small games to help them apply the tools of Macromedia Flash™ as they learn. After completing the book, they’ll be ready to develop a variety of games. With a basic knowledge of Macromedia Flash™ and the techniques provided here, developers will be able to enhance their productivity and produce high quality games that make a real impact.


  • Details the various issues of multi-platform development for the PC, Mac, Web-TV, and handheld/wireless devices
  • Teaches techniques for popular genres, including puzzle games (Tetris, Collapse), adventure games (Super Mario Brothers), and small logic games (crossword puzzles, hangman, etc.)
  • Explores client/server technologies such as Macromedia Flash MX Communication Server for creating interactive experiences that require little server-side knowledge
  • Provides details on other packing technologies for Flash games such as Windows EXE and Mac HQX
  • Includes a CD-ROM with all the FLA and SWF files, along with graphics and sound/music files for immediate use


Chapter 1: Basic Principles, Chapter 2: Gravity, Bounce, and Friction, Chapter 3: Flash-Specific Optimizations, Chapter 4: Sound and Music for Games in Flash, Chapter 5: Collision Detection; Chapter 6: Popular Genres, Chapter 7: Development on Different Platforms, Chapter 8 Disk Access, Chapter 9: Creating Interactive Experiences, Chapter 10: Packaging Technologies


隨著其快速的下載時間和跨平台部署能力,Macromedia Flash™ MX 2004 迅速成為線上遊戲開發的首選程式。使用向量圖形也使遊戲能夠在任何解析度下進行調整,從全螢幕到手機。《Macromedia Flash™ MX 2004 遊戲開發》旨在為遊戲和網頁開發人員教授如何最大化 Macromedia Flash™ MX 2004 來創建線上遊戲。書中涵蓋了所有細節,包括設計、故事和角色發展、遊戲的物理和動作、音頻問題等。在整本書中,開發人員將創建小型遊戲,以幫助他們在學習的過程中應用 Macromedia Flash™ 的工具。完成本書後,他們將能夠開發各種遊戲。憑藉對 Macromedia Flash™ 的基本知識和本書提供的技巧,開發人員將能夠提高生產力,並製作出具有真正影響力的高品質遊戲。

- 詳細介紹了在 PC、Mac、Web-TV 和手持/無線設備上進行多平台開發的各種問題
- 教授流行類型的技巧,包括益智遊戲(俄羅斯方塊、消除遊戲)、冒險遊戲(超級瑪利歐兄弟)和小型邏輯遊戲(填字遊戲、絞刑遊戲等)
- 探索客戶端/服務器技術,如 Macromedia Flash MX 通訊服務器,用於創建需要很少服務器端知識的互動體驗
- 提供有關其他 Flash 遊戲打包技術的詳細信息,如 Windows EXE 和 Mac HQX
- 包含一張 CD-ROM,其中包含所有 FLA 和 SWF 文件,以及圖形和音頻文件,可立即使用

第1章:基本原理,第2章:重力、彈跳和摩擦,第3章:Flash 特定的優化,第4章:Flash 遊戲的音效和音樂,第5章:碰撞檢測,第6章:流行類型,第7章:不同平台上的開發,第8章:磁碟訪問,第9章:創建互動體驗,第10章:打包技術