Essential Electronics for PC Technicians

John W Farber




A companion Lab Manual (ISBN 1-58450-318-1) is available for additional hands on practice. Click HERE for more information.

Computer networks permeate every institution across the globe and are becoming more and more complex. As this happens, the need for professionals with the skills to repair and maintain these networks increases. Essential Electronics for PC Technicians is a primary textbook for the first course in electronics and covers the basics that are common to the PC and networking industry. It teaches students the fundamental electrical and electronic concepts needed to work successfully with personal computers and networking equipment, including wireless PC devices, on an installation or maintenance level. The book also addresses typical circuits and devices encountered when installing, upgrading, or repairing PCs and network equipment, such as Ethernet cards, hubs, switches and routers, power supplies and power line-conditioners. The book can also serve as a refresher for those working in the field who need to learn about wireless as the fundamentals of radio transmission and reception, as they apply to wireless PC devices, are also covered.


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