ShaderX3: Advanced Rendering with DirectX and OpenGL

Wolfgang Engel

  • 出版商: Charles River Media
  • 出版日期: 2004-11-29
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 630
  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 1584503572
  • ISBN-13: 9781584503576
  • 相關分類: GPUOpenGL
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Welcome to the latest volume of ShaderX! This all-new collection is packed with insightful new techniques, innovative approaches to common problems, and practical tools and tricks that will help you in all areas of shader programming. All of the articles evolved from the work and experiences of industry pros, and all of the sections were edited by shader programming experts. With the rapid advances in DirectX, OpenGL, and graphics cards, vertex and pixel shaders are becoming more widely used in high-end graphics and game development. The challenges of mastering these techniques can be daunting for new programmers, but with this comprehensive collection of ready-to-use techniques, they'll get up to speed quickly. And for the more experienced programmers, they'll find insights and tricks that will improve their efficiency and prevent redundancy. If you are involved in shader programming, this is a must-have reference for your collection.


  • Section 1 Geometry Manipulation: Topology on the GPU; Rendering Complex Formulas; Mesh Object Deforming Using HLSL; Morphing between Two Different Objects; Silhouette Geometry Shaders; GLSL Real-Time Shader Development
  • Section 2 Rendering Techniques: Reflections from Bumpy Surfaces; Massively Parallel Particle Systems on the GPU; Self-Shadowing; Batching via Texture Atlases; Real-Time Texture- Space Skin Rendering; Texture Motion Blur; Animation and Display of Water; Hair Rendering and Shading
  • Section 3 Software Shaders and Shader Programming Tips: Optimizing Dx9 Vertex Shaders for Software Vertex Processing; Software Shaders and DirectX DLL Implementation; Tactical Path-Finding Using Stochastic Maps on the GPUFX Composer 1.5–Standardization
  • Section 4 Image Space: A Steerable Streak Filter; Adaptive Glare; Color Grading; Improved Depth of Field Rendering; Lighting Precomputation Using the Relighting Map; Shaderey– NPR Style Rendering
  • Section 5 Shadows: Poisson Shadow Blur; Fractional-Disk Soft Shadows; Fake Soft Shadows Using Precomputed Visibility Distance Functions; Efficient Omnidirectional Shadow Maps
  • Section 6 3D Engine Design: An Extensible Direct3D Resource Management System; Integrating Shaders into the Vision Rendering Engine; Effect Parameters Manipulation Framework; Shader Visualization Systems for the Art Pipeline; Drawing a Crowd
  • Section 7 Tools Environmental Effects: In-Depth Performance Analyses of DirectX9 Shading Hardware Concerning Pixel Shader and Texture Performance; Shaderbreaker; Generating Shaders from HLSL Fragments
  • Section 8 Environmental Effects: Light Shaft Rendering; Rendering Rainbows; Analytic Model for Daylight with Shaders; Volumetric Clouds


The CD-ROM contains the example programs with source code accompanying the majority of chapters, as well as useful demos, and the latest Microsoft® DirectX 9 System Development Kit (SDK).



- 第1節:幾何操作:GPU上的拓撲;渲染複雜公式;使用HLSL對網格物體進行變形;兩個不同物體之間的形態變換;輪廓幾何着色器;GLSL實時着色器開發
- 第2節:渲染技術:凹凸表面的反射;GPU上的大規模並行粒子系統;自陰影;通過紋理圖集進行批處理;實時紋理空間皮膚渲染;紋理運動模糊;水的動畫和顯示;頭髮渲染和著色
- 第3節:軟件着色器和着色器編程技巧:優化Dx9頂點着色器以進行軟件頂點處理;軟件着色器和DirectX DLL實現;使用GPU上的隨機地圖進行戰術尋路;FX Composer 1.5的標準化
- 第4節:圖像空間:可操縱的條紋濾鏡;自適應眩光;色彩分級;改進的景深渲染;使用重新照明地圖的照明預計算;Shaderey- NPR風格渲染
- 第5節:陰影:泊松陰影模糊;分數磁盤軟陰影;使用預計算的可見性距離函數進行假軟陰影;高效的全向陰影貼圖
- 第6節:3D引擎設計:可擴展的Direct3D資源管理系統;將着色器集成到Vision渲染引擎中;效果參數操作框架;藝術流程中的着色器可視化系統;人群繪製
- 第7節:工具環境效果:關於像素着色器和紋理性能的DirectX9着色硬件性能深入分析;Shaderbreaker;從HLSL片段生成着色器
- 第8節:環境效果:光柱渲染;彩虹渲染;使用着色器的日光解析模型;體積雲

光盤包含大多數章節的示例程序和源代碼,以及有用的演示和最新的Microsoft® DirectX 9系統開發套件(SDK)。