The VMWare Workstation 5 Handbook

Steven S. Warren




VMware is the leading virtual machine software available today and it is the foundation for next generation computing as it allows users to run multiple operating systems simultaneously on the same PC. The VMware Workstation 5.0 Handbook teaches users the nuts and bolts of this powerful program, including how to install and upgrade VMware and use its guest operating systems. It gives administrators and developers everything they need to know in order to use VMware Workstation effectively, including how to configure, run, and troubleshoot virtual machines. Step-by-step tutorials allow users to work with the software as they read, and real-world examples and software screenshots reinforce the tutorials and make understanding this powerful new technology easy. With this book, users will learn all the skills necessary to use VMware effectively in corporate IT infrastructures.


Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Installing VMware Workstation
Chapter 3 Quick Tour of VMware Workstation
Chapter 4 Upgrading VMware Workstation
Chapter 5 Creating Virtual Machines
Chapter 6 Installing Windows and Linux Guest Operating Systems
Chapter 7 Installing VMware Tools
Chapter 8 Managing and Working with Snapshots
Chapter 9 Cloning a VMware Workstation Virtual Machine
Chapter 10 Working with Teams
Chapter 11 Securing VMware Workstation
Chapter 12 Networking Virtual Machines
Chapter 13 Performance Tuning and Optimization of Virtual Machines
Chapter 14 Virtual to Virtual (V2V) Conversion
Chapter 15 Physical to Virtual Conversion
Chapter 16 Tips and Tricks
Chapter 17 High Availability with VMware Workstation
Chapter 18 High Availability with GSX Server
About the CD-ROM


VMware是當今領先的虛擬機軟體,它是下一代計算的基礎,因為它允許用戶在同一台電腦上同時運行多個操作系統。《VMware Workstation 5.0手冊》教用戶使用這個強大的程式的基礎知識,包括如何安裝和升級VMware,以及使用其客戶操作系統。它為管理員和開發人員提供了使用VMware Workstation的一切所需,包括如何配置、運行和疑難排解虛擬機。逐步教程使用戶在閱讀的同時與軟體一起操作,現實世界的例子和軟體截圖加強了教程的理解,使理解這項強大的新技術變得容易。通過這本書,用戶將學習在企業IT基礎設施中有效使用VMware所需的所有技能。

第1章 簡介
第2章 安裝VMware Workstation
第3章 VMware Workstation快速導覽
第4章 升級VMware Workstation
第5章 創建虛擬機
第6章 安裝Windows和Linux客戶操作系統
第7章 安裝VMware工具
第8章 管理和操作快照
第9章 克隆VMware Workstation虛擬機
第10章 團隊合作
第11章 保護VMware Workstation
第12章 虛擬機網絡
第13章 虛擬機性能調優和優化
第14章 虛擬到虛擬(V2V)轉換
第15章 實體到虛擬轉換
第16章 提示和技巧
第17章 VMware Workstation高可用性
第18章 GSX Server高可用性