Access VPDN Solutions Guide

Sue Cross, Bruce Moon, Tina Fox, Cisco Systems

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  • 出版日期: 2001-12-10
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Cisco IOS(r) Documentation Solutions for access VPDN networks

  • Learn from Cisco-tested and Cisco-proven solutions and configuration examples
  • Concise design and application information details how to integrate specific Cisco IOS software feature functionality within an existing network environment
  • Solutions apply to a variety of service provider and enterprise networking professionals
  • Learn to configure two new access VPDN services: NAS-initiated L2TP dial-out and client-initiated PPTP dial-in with MPPE encryption
  • Demonstrates VPDN features in the context of specific network environments
  • Includes valuable command reference and configuration materials

An access virtual private dial-up network (VPDN) is a network that provides remote dial access to users over a shared infrastructure. Access VPDNs use Layer 2 tunneling technologies to create virtual point-to-point connections between remote users and a central network. These tunneling technologies use the Internet to provide the same direct connectivity as the expensive Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Access VPDN Solutions Guide is a complete, concise, solutions-based book that shows how to deploy VPDNs. The book begins with a technology description that defines VPDNs and summarizes VPDN services, tunneling technologies, and encryption methods. From there, you learn about three distinct solutions for deploying VPDNs. Two of these solutions feature complete design and implementation guides, and the third demonstrates adding IPSec encryption to an existing L2TP network. Two new VPDN features are covered in the appendixes, which also include debug output and a command summary that describes all the Cisco(r) Internet Operating System (IOS) commands discussed in the book.

Cisco IOS(r) software is a feature-rich network operating system that runs on almost every platform and device Cisco offers. Cisco customers who use Cisco IOS documentation have requested more robust and more complete configuration examples to help in their day-to-day implementation of Cisco IOS. The Cisco Systems(r) IOS Documentation department has met that customer demand by creating a new documentation type called an integrated solutions document (ISD). ISDs provide concise design and application information, explaining how to integrate specific feature functionality within an existing network environment. By combining solutions-based ISDs with Cisco IOS configuration and command reference material, Access VPDN Solutions Guide provides you with a complete Cisco VDPN deployment guide.

This book is part of the Cisco Press Networking Technologies Series, which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.

Table of Contents

1. Access VPDN Technologies Overview.
2. Access VPDN Dial-In Using L2F Solution.
3. Access VPDN Dial-In Using L2TP Solution.
4. Access VPDN Dial-In Using IPSec over L2TP Solution.
Appendix A: New Access VPDN Services: L2TP Dial-Out.
Appendix B: New Access VPDN Services: PPTP with MPPE.
Appendix C: VPDN Command Summary.
Appendix D: Debug Output.


《Cisco IOS(r) Documentation Solutions for access VPDN networks》

這本書提供了Cisco測試和驗證的解決方案和配置示例,讓讀者能夠從中學習。書中提供了簡潔的設計和應用信息,詳細介紹了如何在現有網絡環境中集成特定的Cisco IOS軟件功能。這些解決方案適用於各種服務提供商和企業網絡專業人士。讀者可以學習配置兩種新的接入VPDN服務:NAS-initiated L2TP撥出和client-initiated PPTP撥入,並使用MPPE加密。書中還演示了在特定網絡環境中使用VPDN功能。此外,書中還包含有價值的命令參考和配置材料。


《Access VPDN Solutions Guide》是一本完整、簡潔、基於解決方案的書,展示了如何部署VPDN。書中首先介紹了VPDN的技術描述,定義了VPDN和VPDN服務、隧道技術和加密方法。然後,您將了解部署VPDN的三種不同解決方案。其中兩個解決方案提供了完整的設計和實施指南,第三個解決方案演示了如何將IPSec加密添加到現有的L2TP網絡中。附錄中還介紹了兩個新的VPDN功能,並提供了調試輸出和命令摘要,描述了書中討論的所有Cisco(r) Internet Operating System (IOS)命令。

Cisco IOS(r)軟件是一個功能豐富的網絡操作系統,適用於Cisco提供的幾乎所有平台和設備。使用Cisco IOS文檔的Cisco客戶要求提供更強大、更完整的配置示例,以幫助他們在日常實施Cisco IOS時更好地使用。為了滿足客戶需求,Cisco Systems(r) IOS文檔部門創建了一種新的文檔類型,稱為集成解決方案文檔(ISD)。ISD提供簡潔的設計和應用信息,解釋如何在現有網絡環境中集成特定的功能功能。通過將基於解決方案的ISD與Cisco IOS配置和命令參考材料相結合,《Access VPDN Solutions Guide》為您提供了一個完整的Cisco VDPN部署指南。

這本書是Cisco Press Networking Technologies Series系列的一部分,該系列為網絡專業人士提供了構建高效網絡、了解新技術和建立成功職業的寶貴信息。

1. 接入VPDN技術概述
2. 使用L2F解決方案進行接入VPDN撥入
3. 使用L2TP解決方案進行接入VPDN撥入
4. 使用IPSec over L2TP解決方案進行接入VPDN撥入