Enterprise Web 2.0 Fundamentals (Paperback)

Krishna Sankar, Susan A. Bouchard

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  • 出版日期: 2009-04-27
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  • ISBN-13: 9781587057632
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An introduction to next-generation web technologies


This is a comprehensive, candid introduction to Web 2.0 for every executive, strategist, technical professional, and marketer who needs to understand its implications. The authors illuminate the technologies that make Web 2.0 concepts accessible and systematically identify the business and technical best practices needed to make the most of it. You’ll gain a clear understanding of what’s really new about Web 2.0 and what isn’t. Most important, you’ll learn how Web 2.0 can help you enhance collaboration, decision-making, productivity, innovation, and your key enterprise initiatives.


The authors cut through the hype that surrounds Web 2.0 and help you identify the specific innovations most likely to deliver value in your organization. Along the way, they help you assess, plan for, and profit from user-generated content, Rich Internet Applications (RIA), social networking, semantic web, content
aggregation, cloud computing, the Mobile Web, and much more.


This is the only book on Web 2.0 that:

  • Covers Web 2.0 from the perspective of every participant and stakeholder, from consumers to product managers to technical professionals
  • Provides a view of both the underlying technologies and the potential applications to bring you up to speed and spark creative ideas about how to apply Web 2.0
  • Introduces Web 2.0 business applications that work, as demonstrated by actual Cisco® case studies
  • Offers detailed, expert insights into the technical infrastructure and development practices raised by Web 2.0
  • Previews tomorrow’s emerging innovations–including “Web 3.0,” the Semantic Web
  • Provides up-to-date references, links, and pointers for exploring Web 2.0 first-hand


Krishna Sankar, Distinguished Engineer in the Software Group at Cisco, currently focuses on highly scalable Web architectures and frameworks, social and knowledge graphs, collaborative social networks, and intelligent inferences.


Susan A. Bouchard is a senior manager with US-Canada Sales Planning and Operations at Cisco. She focuses on Web 2.0 technology as part of the US-Canada collaboration initiative.


  • Understand Web 2.0’s foundational concepts and component technologies
  • Discover today’s best business and technical practices for profiting from Web 2.0 and Rich Internet Applications (RIA)
  • Leverage cloud computing, social networking, and user-generated content
  • Understand the infrastructure scalability and development practices that must be address-ed for Web 2.0 to work
  • Gain insight into how Web 2.0 technologies are deployed
    inside Cisco and their business value to employees, partners, and customers


This book is part of the Cisco Press® Fundamentals Series. Books in this series introduce networking professionals to new networking technologies, covering network topologies, example deployment concepts, protocols, and management techniques.


Category: General Networking

Covers: Web 2.0


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這是一本全面且坦率的介紹Web 2.0的書籍,適合每一位高階主管、策略師、技術專業人士和行銷人員,他們需要了解Web 2.0的影響。作者們闡明了使Web 2.0概念易於理解的技術,並系統地確定了在其中獲得最大利益所需的商業和技術最佳實踐。您將清楚了解Web 2.0的真正創新之處以及不同之處。最重要的是,您將學習到Web 2.0如何幫助您增強協作、決策、生產力、創新和企業重要項目。

作者們剖析了圍繞Web 2.0的炒作,並幫助您識別在您的組織中最有可能提供價值的具體創新。在此過程中,他們幫助您評估、規劃和從用戶生成的內容、豐富的互聯網應用程序(RIA)、社交網絡、語義網、內容聚合、雲計算、移動網絡等方面獲利。

這是唯一一本關於Web 2.0的書籍,具有以下特點:
- 從每個參與者和利益相關者的角度介紹Web 2.0,從消費者到產品經理到技術專業人士
- 提供底層技術和潛在應用的觀點,使您能夠快速了解並激發關於如何應用Web 2.0的創意思維
- 介紹了實際Cisco®案例研究所證明的Web 2.0商業應用
- 提供對Web 2.0引發的技術基礎設施和開發實踐的詳細專業見解
- 預覽明天的新興創新,包括“Web 3.0”——語義網
- 提供最新的參考資料、鏈接和指南,以便第一手探索Web 2.0

Krishna Sankar是Cisco軟件部門的傑出工程師,目前專注於高度可擴展的Web架構和框架、社交和知識圖、協作社交網絡和智能推理。

Susan A. Bouchard是Cisco的美加銷售規劃和運營高級經理。她專注於Web 2.0技術,作為美加協作計劃的一部分。

本書是Cisco Press®基礎系列的一部分。該系列的書籍向網絡專業人士介紹新的網絡技術,涵蓋網絡拓撲、示例部署概念、協議和管理技術。

涵蓋範圍:Web 2.0

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