CCNP CNAP: Remote Access Companion Guide

Cisco Systems Inc., Mark McGregor

  • 出版商: Cisco Press
  • 出版日期: 2002-01-11
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 1587130289
  • ISBN-13: 9781587130281
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The Only Authorized Textbook for the CCNP Cisco Networking Academy Program

CCNP Cisco Networking Academy Program: Remote Access Companion Guide is the Cisco(r)-approved textbook for the remote access portion of the Cisco Networking Academy Program. This Companion Guide supplements the most current Web-based Networking Academy curriculum, providing intermediate-level students with the knowledge and skills needed to pass the Remote Access certification exam and to further their career opportunities in computer networking.

This Companion Guide provides students with a solid introduction to remote access concepts and terminology. Through real-world examples, technical notes, and network diagrams, this book describes how to configure Cisco routers for today's key remote access technologies, including dial-up and packet-switched circuits.

Look for the following user-friendly features to help you learn about advanced networking and Cisco IOS(r) technologies:

  • Detailed introduction to emerging remote access technologies provides an overview of such technologies as digital subscriber line (DSL), cable modems, and wireless networking.
  • Configuring Cisco 700 Series Routers appendix introduces the Cisco 700 Series ISDN routers and presents configuration guidelines for this series.
  • Margin notes, warnings, and tech notes highlight important information, alert you to configuration pitfalls, and offer background information on related topics and real-world implementation issues.
  • Scenario-based figures, examples, and tables illustrate network layouts and processes, show sample IOS configurations, and provide command summaries and comparisons of features and characteristics.

Table of Contents

1: Remote Access.
2: Modems and Asynchronous Connections.
3: PP.
4: ISDN and DDR.
5: Dialer Profiles.
6: X.25.
7: Frame Relay.
8: Shaping Frame Relay Traffic.
9: WAN Backup Connections.
10: Queuing and Compression.
11: NAT.
12: AAA.
Appendix A: Answers to Review Questions.
Appendix B: Emerging Remote Access Technologies.
Appendix C: Configuring Cisco 700 Series Routers.


《CCNP Cisco 網路學院計畫:遠端存取同伴指南》是 Cisco 官方認可的 CCNP Cisco 網路學院計畫遠端存取部分的教科書。這本同伴指南補充了最新的基於網路的網路學院課程,為中級學生提供通過遠端存取認證考試所需的知識和技能,並進一步拓展他們在計算機網路領域的職業機會。

這本同伴指南為學生提供了遠端存取概念和術語的扎實介紹。通過實際案例、技術筆記和網路圖表,本書描述了如何配置 Cisco 路由器以適應當今的關鍵遠端存取技術,包括撥號和分組交換電路。

以下是幫助您學習高級網路和 Cisco IOS 技術的用戶友好功能:

- 詳細介紹新興遠端存取技術,概述數字用戶線路(DSL)、纜線數據機和無線網絡等技術。
- 附錄介紹了 Cisco 700 系列路由器,並提供了該系列的配置指南。
- 邊緣註釋、警告和技術筆記突出重要信息,提醒您注意配置陷阱,並提供相關主題和實際實施問題的背景信息。
- 基於情境的圖表、示例和表格展示網絡佈局和流程,展示了示例 IOS 配置,並提供命令摘要和功能特性的比較。


1. 遠端存取。
2. 調制解調器和非同步連接。
3. PP。
4. ISDN 和 DDR。
5. 撥號配置文件。
6. X.25。
7. Frame Relay。
8. 形狀化 Frame Relay 流量。
9. 廣域網路備份連接。
10. 排隊和壓縮。
11. 網絡地址轉換(NAT)。
12. AAA。
附錄 A:回答評論問題。
附錄 B:新興遠端存取技術。
附錄 C:配置 Cisco 700 系列路由器。