WAN Technologies CCNA 4 Labs and Study Guide

John Rullan

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The completely revised and only authorized Labs and Study Guide for the Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA 4 curriculum

  • A portable classroom resource that supports the topics in the CCNA 4 curriculum aligning 1:1 with course modules
  • Includes all the labs in the online curriculum as well as additional instructor-created challenge labs for extended learning and classroom exercises
  • Written by leading Academy instructor John Rullan, who brings a fresh voice to the course material

The all-new Labs and Study Guide titles combine the best of the former Lab Companions and Engineering Journal and Workbooks with new features to improve the student's hands-on skills and reinforce the topics for each CCNA course. WAN Technologies CCNA 4 Labs and Study Guide is a complete collection of the lab exercises specifically written for the CCNA 4 course in the Cisco Networking Academy Program, designed to give students hands-on experience in a particular concept or technology. Each lab contains an introductory overview, a preparation/tools required section, explanations of commands, and step-by-step instructions to reinforce the concepts introduced in the online course and covered in the Companion Guide. NEW: Challenge labs written by Academy instructors, tested in their classrooms will be included as additional or alternative labs. The Study Guide section is designed to provide additional exercises and activities to reinforce students' understanding of the course topics, preparing them for the course assessments. As a study guide it will also continue to provide ample writing opportunities to guide students into the habit of keeping notes on networking topics.




Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Scaling IP Addresses 

  Study Guide   

       Scaling Networks with NAT and PAT   


  Lab Exercises   

       Curriculum Lab 1-1: Configuring NAT (1.1.4a)   

       Curriculum Lab 1-2: Configuring PAT (1.1.4b)   

       Curriculum Lab 1-3: Configuring Static NAT Addresses (1.1.4c)   

       Curriculum Lab 1-4: Verifying NAT and PAT Configuration (1.1.5)   

       Curriculum Lab 1-5: Troubleshooting NAT and PAT (1.1.6)   

       Curriculum Lab 1-6: Configuring DHCP (1.2.6)   

       Curriculum Lab 1-7: Configuring DHCP Relay (1.2.8)   

       Comprehensive Lab 1-8: Configuring NAT, PAT, and Static NAT   

       Challenge Lab 1-9: NAT, PAT, DHCP   

       Challenge Lab 1-10: Double NAT Configuration   

       Optional Lab 1-11: Using a Linksys Router to Simulate a Home Network   

Chapter 2   WAN Technologies   

  Study Guide   

       WAN Technologies Overview   

       WAN Technologies   

       WAN Design   

  Lab Exercises   

Chapter 3   PPP   

  Study Guide   

       Serial Point-to-Point Links   

       PPP Authentication   

       Configuring PPP   

       Chapter Review Questions   

  Lab Exercises   

       Curriculum Lab 3-1: Troubleshooting a Serial Interface (3.1.7)   

       Curriculum Lab 3-2: Configuring PPP Encapsulation (3.3.2)   

       Curriculum Lab 3-3: Configuring PPP Authentication (3.3.3)   

       Curriculum Lab 3-4: Verifying PPP Configuration (3.3.4)   

       Curriculum Lab 3-5: Troubleshooting PPP Configuration (3.3.5)   

       Challenge Lab 3-6: Configuring PPP with NAT, DHCP, and VLANs   

Chapter 4   ISDN and DDR   

  Study Guide   

       ISDN Concepts   

       ISDN Configuration   

       DDR Configuration   

       Chapter Review Questions   

  Lab Exercises   

       Curriculum Lab 4-1: Configuring ISDN BRI (U-Interface) (4.2.1)   

       Curriculum Lab 4-2: Configuring Legacy DDR (4.3.2)   

       Curriculum Lab 4-3: Configuring Dialer Profiles (4.3.7)   

       Challenge Lab 4-4: Configuring Dialer Maps and Dialer Profiles   

Chapter 5   Frame Relay   

  Study Guide   

       Frame Relay Concepts   

       Configuring Frame Relay   

       Chapter Review Questions   

  Lab Exercises   

       Curriculum Lab 5-1: Configuring Frame Relay (5.2.1)   

       Curriculum Lab 5-2: Configuring Frame Relay PVC (5.2.2)   

       Curriculum Lab 5-3: Configuring Frame Relay Subinterfaces (5.2.5)   

       Challenge Lab 5-4: Four-Interface Frame Relay Switch   

       Challenge Lab 5-5: Frame Relay Switch Challenge Lab 1   

       Challenge Lab 5-6: Frame-Relay Challenge Lab 2   

Chapter 6  Introduction to Network Administration   

  Study Guide   

       Workstations and Servers   

       Network Management   

       Chapter Review Questions   

  Lab Exercises   

Appendix A  Troubleshooting Questions and Lab Exercise   

Appendix B  Adtran Configuration Lab   

Appendix C  Router Interface Summary Chart   

Appendix D  Erasing and Reloading the Switch   

Appendix E  Erasing and Reloading the Router