CCNP 4 : Network Troubleshooting Lab Companion (Paperback)

Cisco Systems Inc., Wayne Lewis

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The only authorized lab companion for the Cisco Networking Academy Program

This convenient Lab Companion provides you with the complete collection of 14 labs specifically written to supplement the CCNP 4: Network Troubleshooting course in the Cisco Networking Academy Program. In addition, 14 supplementary labs and 2 case studies are included to help reinforce the concepts introduced in the online course and Companion Guide.

The labs are designed to give you practice troubleshooting basic to complex issues associated with networking and routing. Each lab contains:

  • Objectives-Identify the goals that are to be accomplished in the lab
  • Scenarios-Allow you to relate the labs to real-world environments
  • Required Resources-Provide a list of the resources and equipment to be used to run the lab

Additional features help facilitate your full understanding of the labs:

  • Job Aids-Help you complete the labs.
  • Command Lists-Describe the purpose of the commands used in each lab.
  • Tables-Used to compile information derived from completing the steps in a lab.
  • Questions-As appropriate, the labs include questions that are designed to elicit particular points of understanding. These questions help to verify your comprehension of the technology being implemented.

Network troubleshooting has evolved into a much more systematic process since the early days of networking. CCNP 4: Network Troubleshooting Lab Companion covers topics including documentation, baselining, troubleshooting tools, troubleshooting methodologies, and per-OSI-layer troubleshooting techniques. This book provides hands-on practice for attacking network problems in a methodical fashion. Using the OSI model as a subtext for describing the process of network troubleshooting, the labs work through step-by-step procedures to identify and solve network problems. Up-to-date methods consistent with the latest Cisco IOS releases are employed to efficiently and logically resolve network issues.

Successful completion and understanding of the topics covered in the labs help you to prepare for the Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting exam (#642-831), which is a qualifying exam for the CCNP certification.

Companion Title:
Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNP 4: Network Troubleshooting Companion Guide
ISBN: 1-58713-141-2

This book is part of the Cisco Networking Academy Program Series from Cisco Press. The products in this series support and complement the Cisco Networking Academy Program.


Table of Contents:

1. Documenting and Baselining the Network.

    Lab 1.2.6: Network Baseline Discovery.

    Lab 1.3.5: End-System Baseline Discovery.

2. Troubleshooting Methodologies and Tools.

    Lab 2.3.5: Gathering Symptoms.

3. Troubleshooting at the Physical Layer.

    Lab 3.1.1: Applying a Logical Layered Model to a Physical Network.

4. Layer 2 Troubleshooting.

    Lab 4.1.1: Isolating Physical and Data Link Layer Problems.

    Lab 4.1.2: Correcting Problems at the Physical and Data Link Layers.

    Lab 4.2.1: Troubleshooting Problems at the Physical and Data Link Layers.

5. Layer 3 Troubleshooting.

    Lab 5.1.1: Isolating Network Layer Problems.

    Lab 5.1.2: Correcting Problems at the Network Layer.

    Lab 5.2.1: Troubleshooting Problems at the Physical, Data Link, and Network Layers.

    Lab 5.3.1: Troubleshooting Problems at the Physical, Data Link, and Network Layers.

6. Layer 4 Troubleshooting.

7. Layer 1—7 Troubleshooting.

    Lab 7.1.1: Isolating Problems at the Transport and Application Layers.

    Lab 7.1.2: Correcting Problems at the Transport and Application Layers.

    Lab 7.2.1: Troubleshooting Problems at All Logical Layers.

Appendix A: Supplemental Troubleshooting Labs and Case Studies.

    Lab A.1: Redundant Network Topologies.

    Lab A.2: Dial-Up Upgrade.

    Lab A.3: Data Center Expansion.

    Lab A.4: Remote ISDN Site Not Answering.

    Lab A.5: EIGRP Troubleshooting 1.

    Lab A.6: EIGRP Troubleshooting 2.

    Lab A.7: EIGRP Troubleshooting 3.

    Lab A.8: OSPF Troubleshooting 1.

    Lab A.9: OSPF Troubleshooting 2.

    Lab A.10: OSPF Troubleshooting 3.

    Lab A.11: Idle EBGP Session.

    Lab A.12: ISP Expansion and Upgrade.

    Lab A.13: New ISP Customer.

    Lab A.14: Transit AS Routing.

    Case Study 1: ISDN, OSPF, and BGP.

    Case Study 2: Frame Relay and OSPF.