Troubleshooting Cisco Nexus Switches and NX-OS (Networking Technology)

Vinit Jain, Brad Edgeworth, Richard Furr



The definitive deep-dive guide to hardware and software troubleshooting on Cisco Nexus switches

The Cisco Nexus platform and NX-OS switch operating system combine to deliver unprecedented speed, capacity, resilience, and flexibility in today's data center networks. Troubleshooting Cisco Nexus Switches and NX-OS is your single reference for quickly identifying and solving problems with these business-critical technologies.

Three expert authors draw on deep experience with large Cisco customers, emphasizing the most common issues in real-world deployments, including problems that have caused major data center outages. Their authoritative, hands-on guidance addresses both features and architecture, helping you troubleshoot both control plane forwarding and data plane/data path problems and use NX-OS APIs to automate and simplify troubleshooting. Throughout, you'll find real-world configurations, intuitive illustrations, and practical insights into key platform-specific behaviors.

This is an indispensable technical resource for all Cisco network consultants, system/support engineers, network operations professionals, and CCNP/CCIE certification candidates working in the data center domain.

·         Understand the NX-OS operating system and its powerful troubleshooting tools

·         Solve problems with cards, hardware drops, fabrics, and CoPP policies

·         Troubleshoot network packet switching and forwarding

·         Properly design, implement, and troubleshoot issues related to Virtual Port Channels (VPC and VPC+)

·         Optimize routing through filtering or path manipulation

·         Optimize IP/IPv6 services and FHRP protocols (including HSRP, VRRP, and Anycast HSRP)

·         Troubleshoot EIGRP, OSPF, and IS-IS neighbor relationships and routing paths

·         Identify and resolve issues with Nexus route maps

·         Locate problems with BGP neighbor adjacencies and enhance path selection

·         Troubleshoot high availability components (BFD, SSO, ISSU, and GIR)

·         Understand multicast protocols and troubleshooting techniques

·         Identify and solve problems with OTV

·         Use NX-OS APIs to automate troubleshooting and administrative tasks



《Cisco Nexus交換機硬體和軟體故障排除的權威指南》是一本深入探討Cisco Nexus平台和NX-OS交換機作業系統的書籍。這些技術在當今的資料中心網路中提供了前所未有的速度、容量、彈性和可靠性。本書是您快速識別和解決這些關鍵技術問題的唯一參考資料。

本書的三位專家作者擁有豐富的大型Cisco客戶經驗,強調實際部署中最常見的問題,包括導致重大資料中心故障的問題。他們權威且實用的指導涵蓋了功能和架構,幫助您解決控制平面轉發和數據平面/數據路徑問題,並使用NX-OS API自動化和簡化故障排除。全書提供了真實的配置、直觀的插圖和關鍵平台特定行為的實用見解。



· 瞭解NX-OS作業系統及其強大的故障排除工具
· 解決卡片、硬體丟棄、Fabric和CoPP策略的問題
· 故障排除網路封包交換和轉發
· 正確設計、實施和解決與虛擬端口通道(VPC和VPC+)相關的問題
· 通過過濾或路徑操作優化路由
· 優化IP/IPv6服務和FHRP協議(包括HSRP、VRRP和Anycast HSRP)
· 故障排除EIGRP、OSPF和IS-IS鄰居關係和路由路徑
· 識別和解決Nexus路由映射的問題
· 定位BGP鄰居關係的問題並增強路徑選擇
· 故障排除高可用性組件(BFD、SSO、ISSU和GIR)
· 瞭解多播協議和故障排除技巧
· 識別和解決OTV的問題
· 使用NX-OS API自動化故障排除和管理任務