Cloud Computing: Automating the Virtualized Data Center (Paperback)

Venkata Josyula, Malcolm Orr, Greg Page

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  • 出版日期: 2011-11-29
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  • ISBN-13: 9781587204340
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The complete guide to provisioning and managing cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) data center solutions

Cloud computing will revolutionize the way IT resources are deployed, configured, and managed for years to come. Service providers and customers each stand to realize tremendous value from this paradigm shift—if they can take advantage of it. Cloud Computing brings together the realistic, start-to-finish guidance they need to plan, implement, and manage cloud solution architectures for tomorrow’s virtualized data centers. It introduces cloud “newcomers” to essential concepts, and offers experienced operations professionals detailed guidance on delivering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS).


This book’s replicable solutions and fully-tested best practices will help enterprises, service providers, consultants, and Cisco partners meet the challenge of provisioning end-to-end cloud infrastructures. Drawing on extensive experience working with leading cloud vendors and integrators, the authors present detailed operations workflow examples, proven techniques for operating cloud-based network, compute, and storage infrastructure; a comprehensive management reference architecture; and a complete case study demonstrating rapid, lower-cost solutions design.


Cloud Computing will be an indispensable resource for all network/IT professionals and managers involved with planning, implementing, or managing the next generation of cloud computing services.


Venkata (Josh) Josyula, Ph.D., CCIE® No. 13518 is a Distinguished Services Engineer in Cisco Services Technology Group (CSTG) and advises Cisco customers on OSS/BSS architecture and solutions.

Malcolm Orr, Solutions Architect for Cisco’s Services Technology Solutions, advises telecoms and enterprise clients on architecting, building, and operating OSS/BSS and cloud management stacks. He is Cisco’s lead architect for several Tier 1 public cloud projects.

Greg Page has spent the last eleven years with Cisco in technical consulting roles relating to data center architecture/technology and service provider security. He is now exclusively focused on developing cloud/IaaS solutions with service providers and systems integrator partners.


·        Review the key concepts needed to successfully deploy clouds and cloud-based services

·        Transition common enterprise design patterns and use cases to the cloud

·        Master architectural principles and infrastructure designs for “real-time” managed IT services

·        Understand the Cisco approach to cloud-related technologies, systems, and services

·        Develop a cloud management architecture using ITIL, TMF, and ITU-TMN standards

·        Implement best practices for cloud service provisioning, activation, and management

·        Automate cloud infrastructure to simplify service delivery, monitoring, and assurance

·        Choose and implement the right billing/chargeback approaches for your business

·        Design and build IaaS services, from start to finish

·        Manage the unique capacity challenges associated with sporadic, real-time demand

·        Provide a consistent and optimal cloud user experience


This book is part of the Networking Technology Series from Cisco Press®, which offers networking professionals valuable information for constructing efficient networks, understanding new technologies, and building successful careers.


Category:  Cloud Computing

Covers: Virtualized Data Centers






- Venkata (Josh) Josyula,博士,CCIE® No. 13518,是思科服務技術組(CSTG)的杰出服務工程師,為思科客戶提供OSS/BSS架構和解決方案的建議。
- Malcolm Orr,是思科服務技術解決方案的解決方案架構師,為電信和企業客戶提供關於架構、構建和運營OSS/BSS和雲端管理堆棧的建議。他是思科在幾個一線公共雲項目中的首席架構師。
- Greg Page,在過去的十一年中,他在思科擔任與數據中心架構/技術和服務提供商安全相關的技術咨詢角色。他現在專注於與服務提供商和系統集成商合作開發雲端/IaaS解決方案。

- 審查成功部署雲端和基於雲端服務所需的關鍵概念
- 將常見的企業設計模式和用例轉移到雲端
- 掌握“實時”管理IT服務的架構原則和基礎設施設計
- 了解思科對於與雲端相關的技術、系統和服務的方法
- 使用ITIL、TMF和ITU-TMN標準開發雲端管理架構
- 實施雲端服務提供、啟動和管理的最佳實踐
- 自動化雲端基礎設施,簡化服務交付、監控和保證
- 選擇並實施適合您業務的計費/回收方法
- 從頭到尾設計和構建IaaS服務
- 管理與間歇性、實時需求相關的獨特容量挑戰
- 提供一致且最佳的雲端用戶體驗