Connecting Our World: GIS Web Services

Winnie Tang, Jan Selwood

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  • 出版日期: 2003-04-01
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  • ISBN-13: 9781589480759
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The Internet and the World Wide Web are revolutionizing GIS and spatial data usage in fundamental ways: by allowing easier and wider distribution of data and functionality to end users, and by facilitating integration of data and functionality into other applications, to mention only two. GIS Web services are a natural progression in the development of GIS, continuing a long tradition of leveraging new computer technologies to improve the way spatial data can be managed, accessed and analyzed by a wide audience. Connecting Our World: GIS Web Services examines a dozen of the most innovative ways that GIS Web services are being disseminated and are drawn from around the world. They encompass national mapping service delivery in New Zealand, digital map creation for on-the-run journalists in the U.S., and location-based services in Scandinavia. Connecting Our World: GIS Web Services is an essential guide for forward-thinking managers in any enterprise who are interested in fully leveraging the power of spatial data and information.



互聯網和萬維網正在從根本上改變地理信息系統(GIS)和空間數據的使用方式:通過更容易和更廣泛地將數據和功能分發給最終用戶,並通過促進將數據和功能集成到其他應用程序中,僅舉兩個例子。GIS Web服務是GIS發展的自然延伸,延續了利用新的計算機技術改善空間數據管理、訪問和分析方式的悠久傳統。《連接我們的世界:GIS Web服務》探討了十二種最具創新性的GIS Web服務在全球範圍內的傳播方式。它們包括新西蘭的國家地圖服務交付、美國的即時記者數字地圖創建以及斯堪的納維亞的基於位置的服務。《連接我們的世界:GIS Web服務》是任何企業中具有前瞻性思維的管理者的必備指南,他們有興趣充分利用空間數據和信息的力量。