PHP MySQL Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution

Chris Lea, Mike Buzzard, Dilip Thomas, Jessey White-Cinis

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  • 出版日期: 2003-07-17
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  • ISBN-13: 9781590591505
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PHP MySQL Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution shows the development process for a web site using a specific set of technologies: the Apache web server, the MySQL database system, and the PHP scripting language. It gives you a completely hands-on experience and guides you through the construction of a complete application-driven site from design to deployment.

Each chapter in the book is broken into three parts:

  • Problem: The authors analyze each task and identify areas that may be particularly hard to implement.
  • Design: Once the problems have been identified, a proposal is sketched out for solving them.
  • Solution: The code is developed and deployed to accomplish the task at hand.

Throughout the book, good object-oriented PHP coding methods are used where appropriate. The site you construct features a modular design, so the individual chapters are generally focused on designing and building a specific piece of the site's functionality. A working model of the site can be found online at

On the whole, this book provides a lot of insight into the ways you can implement web applications with PHP and MySQL in real-world situations.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Building a PHP MySQL Web Site
Chapter 2: Planning the Web Site
Chapter 3: Designing the User Interface
Chapter 4: Managing Users and Sessions
Chapter 5: Visitor Accounts
Chapter 6: Dynamic News Content
Chapter 7: Syndication
Chapter 8: Advertising
Chapter 9: Online Polls
Chapter 10: User Discussion Forums
Chapter 11: Newsletters and Mailing Lists
Chapter 12: Shopping Carts
Chapter 13: Checking Out
Chapter 14: The Road Ahead


《PHP MySQL 網站程式設計:問題 - 設計 - 解決方案》展示了使用特定技術的網站開發過程:Apache 網頁伺服器、MySQL 資料庫系統和 PHP 腳本語言。本書提供了完全的實踐經驗,並引導讀者從設計到部署構建一個完整的應用驅動網站。

- 問題:作者分析每個任務並確定可能難以實現的區域。
- 設計:一旦問題被確定,就會提出解決方案的草圖。
- 解決方案:開發並部署代碼以完成當前任務。

在整本書中,適當的使用了良好的面向對象的 PHP 編碼方法。所構建的網站具有模塊化設計,因此各個章節通常專注於設計和構建網站功能的特定部分。網站的工作模型可以在線上找到,網址為:。

總的來說,本書提供了很多關於如何在實際情況中使用 PHP 和 MySQL 實現網絡應用程序的見解。

- 第一章:構建 PHP MySQL 網站
- 第二章:計劃網站
- 第三章:設計用戶界面
- 第四章:管理用戶和會話
- 第五章:訪客帳戶
- 第六章:動態新聞內容
- 第七章:聯合發布
- 第八章:廣告
- 第九章:在線投票
- 第十章:用戶討論論壇
- 第十一章:新聞通訊和郵件列表
- 第十二章:購物車
- 第十三章:結帳
- 第十四章:前途展望