Constructing Usable Shopping Carts

Jody Kerr, Jon Stephens, Clifton Evans




Creating a usable e-commerce application is a daunting challenge. There is so much to do, from the initial concept, through to designing and coding the application. This leaves a lot of scope for things to go wrong.

In Constructing Usable Shopping Carts, we take all the hassle out of online shopping applications, by showing you how to plan your application, design the user interface and data store, and code the entire thing. But it doesn’t stop there – we provide the full code for two complete shopping cart applications, customizable for your own needs.

What you’ll learn:

  • Planning and designing an entire e-commerce application
  • Implementing the product catalog, shopping cart, and checkout system
  • Making your web application secure

This book is for any web professional who wants to implement a shopping site, or add e-commerce functionality to an existing site. HTML knowledge, as well as knowledge of one of the backend combinations (ASP/SQL Server or PHP/MySQL) is essential to get the most use out of this book.


Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: E-Commerce and Shopping Carts

Chapter 2: Information Architecture For Shopping Systems

Chapter 3: User Interface and Interaction Design

Chapter 4: DataStore

Chapter 5: Product Display

Chapter 6: The Shopping Cart

Chapter 7: Checkout Time

Chapter 8: Staying Secure






- 計劃和設計整個電子商務應用程序
- 實現產品目錄、購物車和結帳系統
- 使您的網絡應用程序安全

這本書適用於任何希望實現購物網站或將電子商務功能添加到現有網站的網絡專業人士。為了充分利用這本書,需要具備HTML知識以及其中一種後端組合(ASP/SQL Server或PHP/MySQL)的知識。

- 引言
- 第1章:電子商務和購物車
- 第2章:購物系統的信息架構
- 第3章:用戶界面和交互設計
- 第4章:數據存儲
- 第5章:產品展示
- 第6章:購物車
- 第7章:結帳時間
- 第8章:保持安全
- 資源
- 索引