Foundation Flash 8 Video (Paperback)

Tom Green, Jordan L Chilcott

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  • 出版日期: 2006-06-13
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 159059651X
  • ISBN-13: 9781590596517
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In this book you'll learn:

  • The basics of video editing using Movie Maker 2, iMovie, and more
  • How to import your video into Flash
  • How to work with Flash Video components
  • Several of the new features of Flash 8, including alpha channels, filters, and blends How to master several amazing video effects, such as green screen superimposing, video walls, getting your users into the thick of the action with webcams, and much more!

Do you want to master Flash video work, and work your way toward creating awesome, mind-blowing, interactive web applications? Well, don't go any further—this book is all you need to step into the future.

When Flash Professional 8 was released, it seemed as if we'd embarked on a web video revolution almost overnight. Up until then, web video was a morass of competing players, technologies, standards, codecs, and playback quality. The inclusion of the On2 VP6 codec, the FLV Playback component, alpha channel video, and the Flash 8 Video Encoder has ended the infancy of web video, creating an instant benchmark with no stops in between.

And this book is the ultimate guide to Flash 8 video—it offers practical advice, technical guidance, and a full series of creative projects ranging from the dead simple to the complex in a manner that talks to you as an equal and makes only one assumption: basic familiarity with the Flash interface.

We start with the basics—how to edit video in some of the most popular packages available (such as iMovie and Movie Maker 2) and create a Flash video file and import it into Flash.

Next, we move on to the good stuff—creating a custom video player; creating an alpha channel video and using it in some spectacular projects; turning your creativity loose by applying filters and blend effects to video using the Flash interface and ActionScript; creating video walls, menus, and stunning masking effects; and exploring how Adobe After Effects 7 and Flash Professional 8 are poised to become a motion graphics powerhouse. Best of all, you will discover something the authors had discovered by the time they started writing this book...this stuff is fun!

Summary of Contents:

  • Creating FLVs using the Video Wizard and the Flash 8 FLV Encoder
  • The Basics of Video Creation
  • Alternate FLV Creation tools: Sorenson Squeeze 4 and Flix Pro 5
  • Creating Flash Video using the FLV Components
  • Creating a "Talking head" video using Alpha Channels
  • Adding Filters and Blend Effects to Flash Video
  • Masking Video
  • Creating a Video Wall
  • Choosing and Playing Multiple Videos
  • Using the Camera Object to Involve the Audience
  • Actionscript and Flash Video
  • Video Delivery to Cell Phones


- 使用Movie Maker 2、iMovie等基本的視頻編輯技巧
- 如何將視頻導入Flash
- 如何使用Flash視頻組件
- Flash 8的一些新功能,包括透明通道、濾鏡和混合效果
- 如何掌握一些令人驚嘆的視頻效果,例如綠幕合成、視頻牆、通過網絡攝像頭將用戶帶入行動等等!


當Flash Professional 8發布時,我們似乎一夜之間開啟了一場網絡視頻革命。在那之前,網絡視頻是一個競爭激烈的領域,涉及到各種播放器、技術、標準、編解碼器和播放質量。On2 VP6編解碼器、FLV播放組件、透明通道視頻和Flash 8視頻編碼器的加入結束了網絡視頻的初生階段,創造了一個立即可用的基準。

這本書是Flash 8視頻的終極指南-它提供實用的建議、技術指導和一系列創意項目,從簡單到複雜,以平等的方式與你交談,只做出一個假設:對Flash界面有基本的熟悉。

我們從基礎知識開始-如何在一些最受歡迎的軟件(如iMovie和Movie Maker 2)中編輯視頻,創建Flash視頻文件並導入Flash。

接下來,我們進入有趣的部分-創建自定義視頻播放器;使用透明通道視頻在一些壯觀的項目中應用;通過Flash界面和ActionScript對視頻應用濾鏡和混合效果;創建視頻牆、菜單和令人驚嘆的遮罩效果;以及探索Adobe After Effects 7和Flash Professional 8如何成為一個動態圖形強大的組合。最重要的是,你將發現作者在寫這本書時所發現的一件事...這些東西很有趣!

- 使用Video Wizard和Flash 8 FLV編碼器創建FLV視頻
- 視頻創作的基礎知識
- 其他FLV創作工具:Sorenson Squeeze 4和Flix Pro 5
- 使用FLV組件創建Flash視頻
- 使用透明通道創建“說話頭”視頻
- 對Flash視頻添加濾鏡和混合效果
- 視頻遮罩
- 創建視頻牆
- 選擇和播放多個視頻
- 使用攝像頭將觀眾引入互動
- ActionScript和Flash視頻
- 將視頻傳送到手機上