Clear Blogging: How People Blogging Are Changing the World and How You Can Join Them

Robert Walsh

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  • 出版日期: 2007-02-08
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Almost overnight, blogging has become a social, political, and business force to be reckoned with. Your fellow students, workers, and competitors are joining the blogosphere--and making money, influencing elections, getting hired, growing market share, and having fun--to the tune of 8,000 new bloggers a day.

Clear Blogging sets out to answer in nontechnical terms what blogging has to offer and why and how you should blog. If you've never read a blog, but you keep hearing that term on the news, Clear Blogging will show you why blogging has shaken up mainstream media, and how a blogger can end up on CNN. If you're just starting to read blogs, Clear Blogging is your native guide to the blogosphere, covering how to get the best, most interesting information with the least amount of time and effort. The main course of Clear Blogging shows what you stand to gain from blogging, and how you can go from your first post to being welcomed aboard the blogosphere's A-list.

Whether you're already blogging or you're considering it, you'll want to get a copy of this book because it

  • Covers how blogging can improve your job prospects, professional practice, business revenue, company reputation, and the world you live in
  • Includes over 50 interviews with successful bloggers who are influencing products, policy makers, potential employers, and millions of the general public--all while earning an online reputation and real profits
  • Shows you how to apply the best practices of news gathering to build your blog's reputation and brand
  • Is heavy on the specific benefits of blogging and light on the technological aspects



幾乎一夜之間,部落格已成為一股不可忽視的社交、政治和商業力量。你的同學、同事和競爭對手都加入了部落格世界,並以每天新增 8,000 名部落客的速度賺錢、影響選舉、找到工作、擴大市場份額,並享受其中的樂趣。

《清晰部落格》以非技術性的方式回答了部落格的價值、為何以及如何進行部落格寫作。如果你從未閱讀過部落格,但經常在新聞中聽到這個詞,那麼《清晰部落格》將向你展示為何部落格已顛覆主流媒體,以及一個部落客如何登上 CNN。如果你剛開始閱讀部落格,那麼《清晰部落格》將成為你進入部落格世界的指南,介紹如何以最少的時間和努力獲得最佳、最有趣的資訊。《清晰部落格》的主要內容將展示你從部落格中可以獲得什麼,以及如何從第一篇文章開始,成為受歡迎的部落客之一。


- 詳細介紹了部落格如何改善你的就業前景、專業實踐、業務收入、公司聲譽和你所處的世界。
- 包含超過 50 個成功部落客的訪談,這些部落客影響著產品、政策制定者、潛在雇主和數百萬普通大眾,同時獲得網絡聲譽和實際利潤。
- 向你展示如何應用新聞採集的最佳實踐來建立你的部落格聲譽和品牌。
- 在技術方面較為簡單,更加強調部落格的具體好處。