MAC OS X Leopard: Beyond the Manual

Mike Lee, Scott Meyers

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  • 出版日期: 2007-12-18
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1590598377
  • ISBN-13: 9781590598375
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MAC OS X Leopard: Beyond the Manual

Mac OS X is quickly becoming one of the most popular operating systems for power users. Mac OS Xs ability to mesh an easy-to-use and attractive interface with a Unix back end has attracted average and power users to the Mac. In 2007, Apple releases the next version of Mac OS X: Leopard.

MAC OS X Leopard: Beyond the Manual is geared toward power users who are upgrading to Leopard and want to know whats new and different with this version of the MAC OS. It starts by covering the basics of Mac OS X and how to get started using the Mac. It then walks you through using all of the new features, to make your computing experience even richer than before.

  • Contains side-by-side comparisons of features in Tiger and in Leopard.
  • Aimed at intermediate-to-advanced users.
  • Pays attention to the Unix back end and Apple developer tools to get you up to speed quickly on changes to the development environment.
  • Covers the basics and collaboration features in iCal.



MAC OS X Leopard: 超越手冊

Mac OS X 迅速成為最受歡迎的操作系統之一,尤其是對於高級使用者而言。Mac OS X 將易於使用和吸引人的界面與 Unix 背後的技術相結合,吸引了普通和高級使用者使用 Mac。在 2007 年,蘋果發布了 Mac OS X 的下一個版本:Leopard。

MAC OS X Leopard: 超越手冊 適用於升級到 Leopard 並想要了解這個版本的 MAC OS 的高級使用者。它首先介紹了 Mac OS X 的基礎知識以及如何開始使用 Mac。然後,它將引導您使用所有新功能,使您的計算體驗比以前更豐富。

  • 包含 Tiger 和 Leopard 版本功能的並列比較。

  • 針對中高級使用者。

  • 關注 Unix 背後的技術和蘋果開發工具,以便快速了解開發環境的變化。

  • 介紹 iCal 的基礎和協作功能。