Advanced FLEX Application Development: Building Rich Media X (Paperback)

Chris Charlton, R Blank, Omar Gonzalez, Hasan Otuome

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  • 出版日期: 2007-12-17
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1590598962
  • ISBN-13: 9781590598962
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This book is for any Flex developer who has mastered the basics, but wants to take their skills to the top levelit is packed with essential practical techniques in use in a professional production environment, which you can learn from and use in your own Flex 2 or Flex 3 applications. Written by a team of expert developers from the Los Angeles-based Almer/Blank consultancy, the book takes you through exactly how they built the popular Rich Media X (RMX) application for Adobe user groups, step by step. Assuming the basics, they take you through planning the project, wireframing and application design, putting the basic structure together (including the PHP and MySQL backend,) customizing the look and feel of the application (to make it not just look like any other Flex application,) and implementing all the killer features that make the RMX great, such as blog, wiki, content aggregation from RSS and other sources, video, audio visualizer, events calendar, and advertising mechanisms.

  • Learn how Rich Media X was built!
  • A real-world Flex book, written by experts using the technology in their day-to-day work
  • Contains all the killer features you need to build up your own web 2.0 Flex applicationblog, wiki, video, content aggregation, events calendar, and much more.

What youll learn

  • How to effectively plan and wireframe a professional Flex application
  • How to customize the look and feel of Flex 2 and Flex 3so that it doesn't look like Flex
  • How to implement a server-side backend for a Flex application (in PHP and MySQL)
  • Effective video techniques using the On2 codec
  • The best way to implement several killer web 2.0 features in Flex, including a blog, wiki, events calendar, and more
  • How to implement advertising on a Flex site using DoubleClick's DartMotif
  • How to create an audio visualizer in Flex



這本書適合任何已經掌握基礎知識的Flex開發者,但想要將他們的技能提升到更高水平的人。書中充滿了在專業生產環境中使用的基本實用技巧,您可以從中學習並應用於自己的Flex 2或Flex 3應用程序中。本書由洛杉磯的Almer/Blank咨詢公司的專家開發團隊撰寫,逐步介紹了他們如何建立受歡迎的Rich Media X(RMX)應用程序,並提供了詳細的步驟。在假設您已經掌握基礎知識的情況下,他們將帶您進行項目計劃、線框圖和應用程序設計,構建基本結構(包括PHP和MySQL後端),自定義應用程序的外觀和感覺(使其不僅看起來像其他Flex應用程序),以及實現使RMX優秀的所有關鍵功能,例如博客、維基、從RSS和其他來源聚合內容、視頻、音頻可視化器、事件日曆和廣告機制。


- 如何有效地計劃和線框一個專業的Flex應用程序
- 如何自定義Flex 2和Flex 3的外觀和感覺,使其不像Flex
- 如何在Flex應用程序中實現服務器端後端(使用PHP和MySQL)
- 使用On2編解碼器的有效視頻技術
- 在Flex中實現幾個關鍵的Web 2.0功能的最佳方法,包括博客、維基、事件日曆等
- 如何使用DoubleClick的DartMotif在Flex網站上實現廣告
- 如何在Flex中創建音頻可視化器