SOFTIMAGE | XSI 5 for a Future Animation Studio Boss: The Official Guide to Career Skills with XSI (Paperback)

George Avgerakis




OFTIMAGE | XSI 5 for a Future Studio Animation Boss?addresses both the technical and business sides of being a professional 3D animator, teaching you how to use the technology of SOFTIMAGE XSI to earn a living as a 3D animator and studio owner. No other book on the market addresses the professional career and sales skills that a 3D animation student needs in order to sell their animation skills. Through hands-on tutorials, the book uses the SOFTIMAGE XSI software to teach the 3D animation skills necessary to obtain an internship or entry-level position. In addition to covering technical animation skills, SOFTIMAGE | XSI 5 for a Future Studio Animation Boss?teaches career skills such as how to write a resume, how to budget or price an animation project, and how to identify potential clients and call them with appeals for work. Written by a professional animator and lecturer with more than 20 years of experience running an independent animation studio, this book provides 3D animation novices with the skills and tools they need to achieve success in the professional animation industry.


Table of Contents

1. Days in the Life
2. The SOFTIMAGE Interface
3. The Animator's Resume
4. Scratching the Surface
5. Getting an Internship
6. Direct Objects
7. Building a Show Reel
8. Bones and Skeletons
9. Dialing for Dollars
10. Just in Time
11. Showtime
12. Let There be Light
13. Bids and Contracts
14. Rendering and Finishing
15. The Profitable Production Studio



《OFTIMAGE | XSI 5 for a Future Studio Animation Boss?》旨在探討作為專業3D動畫師的技術和商業層面,教授如何使用SOFTIMAGE XSI技術來賺取生活費並擁有自己的3D動畫工作室。市場上沒有其他書籍涵蓋3D動畫學生在銷售動畫技能方面所需的專業職業和銷售技巧。通過實踐教程,本書使用SOFTIMAGE XSI軟件教授獲得實習或初級職位所需的3D動畫技能。除了涵蓋技術動畫技能外,《OFTIMAGE | XSI 5 for a Future Studio Animation Boss?》還教授職業技能,例如如何撰寫簡歷、如何預算或定價動畫項目,以及如何識別潛在客戶並與他們聯繫以尋求工作機會。本書由一位擁有超過20年經驗的專業動畫師和講師撰寫,該作者經營著一家獨立動畫工作室,為3D動畫初學者提供了在專業動畫行業取得成功所需的技能和工具。

1. 日常生活
3. 動畫師的簡歷
4. 初探
5. 獲得實習機會
6. 直接對象
7. 構建展示輪播
8. 骨骼和骨架
9. 撥打電話賺錢
10. 及時
11. 展示時間
12. 讓光明存在
13. 投標和合約
14. 渲染和完成
15. 有利可圖的製作工作室