ACID Pro 6 Power!: The Official Guide (Paperback)

D. Eric Franks

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  • 出版日期: 2006-07-13
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1592009778
  • ISBN-13: 9781592009770
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Now reformulated to add multi-track recording, MIDI sequencing, and a full virtual instrument library to its superior looping functionality, ACID Pro 6 is now a fully capable Digital Audio Workstation. With such a major upgrade, ACID has become a better tool for song creation, deejaying, film scoring, and multimedia development, but it has also become more complex. ACID Pro 6 Power!: The Official Guide is the perfect resource for those new to ACID or those who are familiar with previous versions but need to get up to speed on the myriad new features. There is something in ACID Pro 6 Power! for users of any skill level. The clear and solid examples in the first few chapters introduce the user interface and program workflow. The book then moves on to music theory concepts, which are invaluable to those who want to move beyond casually playing with ACID into serious music composition and song creation. The final goal of the book is to get into some of the more technical aspects of ACID. You will learn how to polish your masterpieces using effects processing. And because publishing and sharing your newly created music is the ultimate goal, you'll also learn how to burn industry-standard CDs and produce highly compressed MP3 files for the Internet. You can dive into numerous fascinating topics, from amazing MIDI technology to recording your own vocals and solo jams. ACID Pro 6 Power! is all you need to get started. The companion DVD includes fully functioning time-limited demos of ACID, CD Architect, DVD Architect, Jam Trax XPress, Sound Forge, Vegas, and much more, plus training videos with additional tutorials, and over 500 sample loops to use in your own productions!



    • An official Sony guide
    • Includes clear and complete coverage of the newest version of ACID Pro.
    • Provides step-by-step tutorials and insider tips and tricks on this popular music application.
    • Offers expert recommendations on settings and technical aspects of using the software.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Song Is Born
Chapter 2: Getting Around
Chapter 3: Composition
Chapter 4: Polishing Up
Chapter 5: Recording Vocals and Instruments
Chapter 6: Mastering the Mix
Chapter 7: Grooves and FX
Chapter 8: FX Dictionary
Chapter 9: Loops
Chapter 10: The Secret Life of ACID and MIDI
Chapter 11: Video
Chapter 12: Publishing
App A: Preferences
App B: Shortcuts


ACID Pro 6 Power!: The Official Guide 是一本官方指南,旨在幫助初次接觸 ACID 或熟悉之前版本但需要了解新功能的使用者快速上手。無論你的技能水平如何,這本書都有適合你的內容。書中的前幾章提供清晰而實用的示例,介紹使用者界面和程式工作流程。接著,書中介紹音樂理論概念,對於那些想要從玩弄 ACID 轉向嚴肅音樂創作和歌曲創作的人來說非常寶貴。書的最終目標是深入探討 ACID 的一些技術層面。你將學習如何使用效果處理來完善你的作品。而且,由於發佈和分享你新創作的音樂是最終目標,你還將學習如何燒錄符合行業標準的 CD,以及製作高度壓縮的 MP3 檔案供網絡使用。你可以深入研究許多有趣的主題,從令人驚嘆的 MIDI 技術到錄製自己的人聲和獨奏。ACID Pro 6 Power! 是你入門所需的一切。附帶的 DVD 包括 ACID、CD Architect、DVD Architect、Jam Trax XPress、Sound Forge、Vegas 等完全功能的限時試用版本,以及附加教程的培訓視頻和超過 500 個樣本循環,供你在自己的製作中使用!
- 官方索尼指南
- 提供對最新版本 ACID Pro 的清晰而完整的覆蓋
- 提供這款流行音樂應用程式的逐步教程和內部技巧
- 提供有關軟體設置和技術方面的專家建議

- 第一章:一首歌的誕生
- 第二章:熟悉操作
- 第三章:作曲
- 第四章:完善作品
- 第五章:錄製人聲和樂器
- 第六章:混音大師
- 第七章:節奏和特效
- 第八章:特效詞典
- 第九章:循環
- 第十章:ACID 和 MIDI 的秘密生活
- 第十一章:視頻
- 第十二章:發佈
- 附錄 A:偏好設置
- 附錄 B:快捷鍵