My New Mac: 52 Simple Projects to Get You Started (Paperback)

Wallace Wang



You finally took the plunge and bought a Mac. Whether yours is a MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac mini, or iMac — it's still a Mac, and it runs the Macintosh operating system, Mac OS X.

But what do you do with your Mac after you turn it on? Do you even know how to turn it on and off properly or put it to sleep? You need a book like My New Mac to make everything easy.

Wallace Wang, author of the best-selling Steal This Computer Book, will show you, step-by-step, how to use tools like iPhoto to organize your photos, track birthdays with iCal, and clip and save information from the Internet so you can find it again. You'll find simple projects that will show you how to:

  • Organize your files and folders by color and keyword
  • View stocks, flights, and the weather
  • Set up and manage parental controls to limit your children's computer and Internet access
  • Play and burn CDs and DVDs
  • Transfer photos from your digital camera to your computer
  • Share songs, images, and documents wirelessly between Macs

Don't put off learning how to use your new computer. Let Wallace Wang show you the ropes with My New Mac.


你終於下定決心買了一台 Mac。不管你買的是 MacBook、Mac Pro、Mac mini 還是 iMac,它仍然是一台 Mac,運行的是 Macintosh 作業系統,Mac OS X。

但是,你打開 Mac 之後該怎麼做呢?你知道如何正確地開機、關機或讓它進入睡眠狀態嗎?你需要一本像《我的新 Mac》這樣的書,讓一切變得簡單。

暢銷書《偷這台電腦書》的作者 Wallace Wang 將逐步向你展示如何使用像 iPhoto 這樣的工具來整理照片,使用 iCal 追蹤生日,以及從網絡上剪輯和保存信息,以便再次查找。你將找到一些簡單的項目,向你展示如何:

- 通過顏色和關鍵字對文件和文件夾進行組織
- 查看股票、航班和天氣
- 設置和管理家長控制,限制孩子的電腦和網絡訪問
- 播放和刻錄 CD 和 DVD
- 將數碼相機中的照片傳輸到電腦上
- 在 Mac 之間無線共享歌曲、圖像和文件

不要拖延學習如何使用你的新電腦。讓 Wallace Wang 用《我的新 Mac》來指導你。