25 Scratch 3 Games for Kids: A Playful Guide to Coding (Paperback)

Wainewright, Max



25 classic games that kids can program in the wildly popular beginning programming language, Scratch, from the MIT Media Lab.

25 Scratch Games for Kids introduces kids to the basics of programming with Scratch by teaching them how to program 25 games. This highly visual introduction to the language by best selling author Max Wainewright will have kids coding classic arcade games that use animation and sound, and integrate core programming fundamentals, like loops, variables, and functions. Each game tutorial includes an open-ended exercise for the reader to tackle on their own. Perfect for both beginning and more experience Scratchers, 25 Scratch Games for Kids is a surefire way to jumpstart a lifelong passion for programming.

Covers Scratch 3.0


Max Wainewright, an experienced elementary and high school teacher, has written dozens of educational books and software titles for children, including the best selling Code Your Own Games! (40,000 sold). He has designed and developed coding software and online tools used by London Grid for Learning and is the founder of 2Simple Software. Wainewright is also an app developer and web designer whose programs and websites have won a number of awards including BETT, ERA, and Practical Pre-School Gold Awards. He lives in London with his wife and two children and teaches part time in a London elementary school.