Microservices in Action (Paperback)

Morgan Bruce, Paulo A. Pereira





Microservices in Action is a practical book about building and deploying microservice-based applications. Written for developers and architects with a solid grasp of service-oriented development, it tackles the challenge of putting microservices into production.

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About the Technology

Invest your time in designing great applications, improving infrastructure, and making the most out of your dev teams. Microservices are easier to write, scale, and maintain than traditional enterprise applications because they're built as a system of independent components. Master a few important new patterns and processes, and you'll be ready to develop, deploy, and run production-quality microservices.

About the Book

Microservices in Action teaches you how to write and maintain microservice-based applications. Created with day-to-day development in mind, this informative guide immerses you in real-world use cases from design to deployment. You'll discover how microservices enable an efficient continuous delivery pipeline, and explore examples using Kubernetes, Docker, and Google Container Engine.

What's inside


  • An overview of microservice architecture
  • Building a delivery pipeline
  • Best practices for designing multi-service transactions and queries
  • Deploying with containers
  • Monitoring your microservices

About the Reader

Written for intermediate developers familiar with enterprise architecture and cloud platforms like AWS and GCP.

About the Author

Morgan Bruce and Paulo A. Pereira are experienced engineering leaders. They work daily with microservices in a production environment, using the techniques detailed in this book.

Table of Contents


PART 1 - The lay of the land

PART 2 - Design

PART 3 - Deployment

PART 4 - Observability and ownership

  1. Designing and running microservices
  2. Microservices at SimpleBank
  3. Architecture of a microservice application
  4. Designing new features
  5. Transactions and queries in microservices
  6. Designing reliable services
  7. Building a reusable microservice framework
  8. Deploying microservices
  9. Deployment with containers and schedulers
  10. Building a delivery pipeline for microservices
  11. Building a monitoring system
  12. Using logs and traces to understand behavior
  13. Building microservice teams




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《實戰微服務》教您如何編寫和維護基於微服務的應用程序。本書以日常開發為目標,將您融入從設計到部署的實際用例中。您將了解微服務如何實現高效的持續交付流水線,並使用Kubernetes、Docker和Google Container Engine進行實例探索。



  • 微服務架構概述

  • 構建交付流水線

  • 設計多服務事務和查詢的最佳實踐

  • 使用容器部署

  • 監控微服務




Morgan BrucePaulo A. Pereira是經驗豐富的工程領導者。他們每天在生產環境中使用本書中詳細介紹的技術與微服務一起工作。



第1部分 - 環境概述

第2部分 - 設計

第3部分 - 部署

第4部分 - 可觀察性和所有權

  1. 設計和運行微服務

  2. SimpleBank的微服務

  3. 微服務應用程序的架構

  4. 設計新功能

  5. 微服務中的事務和查詢

  6. 設計可靠的服務

  7. 構建可重用的微服務框架

  8. 部署微服務

  9. 使用容器和調度器進行部署

  10. 構建微服務的交付流水線

  11. 構建監控系統

  12. 使用日誌和追蹤來了解行為

  13. 構建微服務團隊