Spring Microservices in Action, 2/e

Carnell, John, Huaylupo Sánchez, Illary




Spring Microservices in Action, Second Edition teaches you to build microservice-based applications using Java and Spring.

By dividing large applications into separate self-contained units, Microservices are a great step toward reducing complexity and increasing flexibility. Spring Microservices in Action, Second Edition teaches you how to build microservice-based applications using Java and the Spring platform. This second edition is fully updated for the latest version of Spring, with expanded coverage of API routing with Spring Cloud Gateway, logging with the ELK stack, metrics with Prometheus and Grafana, security with the Hashicorp Vault, and modern deployment practices with Kubernetes and Istio.

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About the technology
Building and deploying microservices can be easy in Spring! Libraries like Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, and Spring Cloud Gateway reduce the boilerplate code in REST-based services. They provide an effective toolbox to get your microservices up and running on both public and private clouds.

About the book
Spring Microservices in Action, Second Edition teaches you to build microservice-based applications using Java and Spring. You'll start by creating basic services, then move to efficient logging and monitoring. Learn to refactor Java applications with Spring's intuitive tooling, and master API management with Spring Cloud Gateway. You'll even deploy Spring Cloud applications with AWS and Kubernetes.

What's inside

Microservice design principles and best practices
Configuration with Spring Cloud Config and Hashicorp Vault
Client-side resiliency with Resilience4j, and Spring Cloud Load Balancer
Metrics monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana
Distributed tracing with Spring Cloud Sleuth, Zipkin, and ELK Stack

About the reader
For experienced Java and Spring developers.

About the author
John Carnell is a senior cloud engineer with 20 years of Java experience. Illary Huaylupo Sánchez is a software engineer with over 13 years of experience.

Table of Contents

1 Welcome to the cloud, Spring
2 Exploring the microservices world with Spring Cloud
3 Building microservices with Spring Boot
4 Welcome to Docker
5 Controlling your configuration with the Spring Cloud Configuration Server
6 On service discovery
7 When bad things happen: Resiliency patterns with Spring Cloud and Resilience4j
8 Service routing with Spring Cloud Gateway
9 Securing your microservices
10 Event-driven architecture with Spring Cloud Stream
11 Distributed tracing with Spring Cloud Sleuth and Zipkin
12 Deploying your microservices


《Spring Microservices in Action, Second Edition》教你如何使用Java和Spring構建基於微服務的應用程序。

通過將大型應用程序劃分為獨立的自包含單元,微服務是減少複雜性和增加靈活性的重要一步。《Spring Microservices in Action, Second Edition》教你如何使用Java和Spring平台構建基於微服務的應用程序。這本第二版完全更新了Spring的最新版本,擴展了對使用Spring Cloud Gateway進行API路由、使用ELK堆棧進行日誌記錄、使用Prometheus和Grafana進行指標監控、使用Hashicorp Vault進行安全性以及使用Kubernetes和Istio進行現代部署實踐的覆蓋範圍。

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在Spring中,構建和部署微服務可以變得很容易!像Spring Boot、Spring Cloud和Spring Cloud Gateway這樣的庫可以減少基於REST的服務中的樣板代碼。它們提供了一個有效的工具箱,可以在公共和私有雲上運行您的微服務。

《Spring Microservices in Action, Second Edition》教你如何使用Java和Spring構建基於微服務的應用程序。您將從創建基本服務開始,然後轉向高效的日誌記錄和監控。學習使用Spring直觀的工具對Java應用程序進行重構,並掌握使用Spring Cloud Gateway進行API管理。您甚至可以在AWS和Kubernetes上部署Spring Cloud應用程序。

- 微服務設計原則和最佳實踐
- 使用Spring Cloud Config和Hashicorp Vault進行配置
- 使用Resilience4j和Spring Cloud Load Balancer實現客戶端的彈性
- 使用Prometheus和Grafana進行指標監控
- 使用Spring Cloud Sleuth、Zipkin和ELK Stack進行分佈式追蹤


John Carnell是一位擁有20年Java經驗的高級雲工程師。Illary Huaylupo Sánchez是一位擁有超過13年經驗的軟件工程師。

1. 歡迎來到Spring的雲端
2. 用Spring Cloud探索微服務世界
3. 使用Spring Boot構建微服務
4. 歡迎來到Docker
5. 使用Spring Cloud配置服務器控制配置
6. 關於服務發現
7. 當壞事發生時:使用Spring Cloud和Resilience4j實現彈性
8. 使用Spring Cloud Gateway進行服務路由
9. 保護您的微服務
10. 使用Spring Cloud Stream進行事件驅動架構
11. 使用Spring Cloud Sleuth和Zipkin進行分佈式追蹤
12. 部署您的微服務


John Carnell is a senior cloud engineer with twenty years of experience in Java

Illary Huaylupo Sánchez is a software engineer with an MBA in IT management and over twelve years of experience in Java.


John Carnell 是一位擁有二十年 Java 經驗的高級雲工程師。

Illary Huaylupo Sánchez 是一位軟體工程師,擁有資訊科技管理碩士學位,並且在 Java 領域擁有超過十二年的經驗。