Entity Framework Core in Action, 2/e (Paperback)

Smith, Jon P.

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  • 出版日期: 2021-11-24
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  • ISBN-13: 9781617298363
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Entity Framework Core in Action, Second Edition teaches you to write flawless database interactions for .NET applications.

Entity Framework Core in Action, Second Edition is an in-depth guide to reading and writing databases with EF Core. Revised from the bestselling original edition, it's filled with over 100 diagrams, code snippets, and examples--including building and scaling your own bookselling web application. Learn from author Jon Smith's extensive experience working with EF Core in production, as you discover time-saving patterns and best practices for security, performance tuning, and unit testing. All of the book's code is available on GitHub.

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About the technology
Entity Framework radically simplifies data access in .NET applications. This easy-to-use object-relational mapper (ORM) lets you write database code in pure C#. It automatically maps classes to database tables and enables queries with standard LINQ commands. It even generates SQL, so you don't have to!

About the book
Entity Framework Core in Action, Second Edition teaches you to write flawless database interactions for .NET applications. Following relevant examples from author Jon Smith's extensive experience, you'll progress quickly from EF basics to advanced techniques. In addition to the latest EF features, this book addresses performance, security, refactoring, and unit testing. This updated edition also contains new material on NoSQL databases.

What's inside

Configure EF to define every table and column
Update your schema as your app grows
Integrating EF with existing C# application
Write and test business logic for database access
Applying a Domain-Driven Design to EF Core
Getting the best performance out of EF Core

About the reader
For .NET developers familiar with relational databases.

About the author
Jon P. Smith is a freelance software developer and architect with a special focus on .NET and Azure.

Table of Contents

1 Introduction to Entity Framework Core
2 Querying the database
3 Changing the database content
4 Using EF Core in business logic
5 Using EF Core in ASP.NET Core web applications
6 Tips and techniques for reading and writing with EF Core
7 Configuring nonrelational properties
8 Configuring relationships
9 Handling database migrations
10 Configuring advanced features and handling concurrency conflicts
11 Going deeper into the DbContext
12 Using entity events to solve business problems
13 Domain-Driven Design and other architectural approaches
14 EF Core performance tuning
15 Master class on performance-tuning database queries
16 Cosmos DB, CQRS, and other database types
17 Unit testing EF Core applications


《Entity Framework Core in Action, Second Edition》是一本教導你如何為.NET應用程式撰寫完美的資料庫互動的深入指南。

《Entity Framework Core in Action, Second Edition》是一本深入指南,教導你如何使用EF Core讀取和寫入資料庫。這本書是根據暢銷原版進行修訂,內容包含超過100個圖表、程式碼片段和範例,包括建立和擴展自己的書籍銷售網站應用程式。作者Jon Smith在EF Core的實際應用中擁有豐富的經驗,你可以從中學習節省時間的模式和最佳實踐,包括安全性、性能調優和單元測試。書中的所有程式碼都可以在GitHub上找到。

購買印刷版書籍還包括Manning Publications提供的PDF、Kindle和ePub格式的免費電子書。

Entity Framework在.NET應用程式中大幅簡化了資料存取。這個易於使用的物件關聯映射器(ORM)讓你可以使用純C#編寫資料庫程式碼。它會自動將類別映射到資料庫表格,並支援使用標準LINQ命令進行查詢。它甚至可以生成SQL,讓你不需要自己編寫。

《Entity Framework Core in Action, Second Edition》教導你如何為.NET應用程式撰寫完美的資料庫互動。根據作者Jon Smith的豐富經驗,你將從EF基礎知識快速進步到高級技巧。除了介紹最新的EF功能外,本書還涵蓋了性能、安全性、重構和單元測試等主題。這個更新的版本還包含了關於NoSQL資料庫的新內容。

- 配置EF以定義每個表格和欄位
- 隨著應用程式的增長更新資料庫結構
- 將EF與現有的C#應用程式整合
- 為資料庫存取編寫和測試業務邏輯
- 將領域驅動設計應用於EF Core
- 獲得最佳的EF Core性能


Jon P. Smith是一位自由軟體開發人員和架構師,專注於.NET和Azure。

1. Entity Framework Core簡介
2. 資料庫查詢
3. 更改資料庫內容
4. 在業務邏輯中使用EF Core
5. 在ASP.NET Core網頁應用程式中使用EF Core
6. 使用EF Core的技巧和技術

7. 配置非關聯屬性
8. 配置關聯
9. 處理資料庫遷移
10. 配置高級功能和處理並發衝突
11. 深入瞭解DbContext

12. 使用實體事件解決業務問題
13. 領域驅動設計和其他架構方法
14. EF Core性能調優
15. 數據庫查詢性能調優的大師課程
16. Cosmos DB、CQRS和其他資料庫類型
17. 對EF Core應用程式進行單元測試


Jon P. Smith is an independent principal software developer and architect with a special focus on .NET Core and Azure. He mainly works on the back-end of client applications, typically using EF Core and ASP.NET Core web applications. He is a working developer with clients from the USA and UK, typically designing and writing large sections of an application.


Jon P. Smith 是一位獨立的主要軟體開發者和架構師,專注於 .NET Core 和 Azure。他主要從事客戶端應用程式的後端開發,通常使用 EF Core 和 ASP.NET Core 網路應用程式。他是一位與美國和英國的客戶合作的開發者,通常負責設計和撰寫應用程式的大部分內容。