Build Reactive Websites with RxJS

Randall Koutnik

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Upgrade your skillset, succeed at work, and above all, avoid the many headaches that come with modern front-end development. Simplify your codebase with hands-on examples pulled from real-life applications. Master the mysteries of asynchronous state management, detangle puzzling race conditions, and send spaceships soaring through the cosmos. When you finish this book, you'll be able to tame the wild codebeasts before they ever get a chance to wreck your day.

The front-end world can be fraught with complexity. The RxJS library offers a solution: Observables. Observables merge other JavaScript asynch mechanisms such as callbacks and promises into a new way of looking at data. Instead of dealing with objects and keeping track of their state, Observables view asynchronous events as a stream. RxJS provides you the tools to manage, manipulate, and process Observables to simplify and speed up your front-end applications.

Never fear, you're in exactly the right place. Don't worry about getting stuck in a mire of theory. Start off with the basics, building small applications that illustrate deeper points. Take those building blocks and apply them to much more complex problems like handling asynchronous state and dodging race conditions before they happen. Once you've got a handle on complex problems, take a leap into architecture, discovering how to structure an Observable-based application both without a framework and in the land of Angular 2. After mastering Observables, switch gears to building a canvas-based game, demonstrating your deep understanding of the flexibility of Observables.

Master the Observable with RxJS, and make your asynchronous JavaScript code that much cleaner and simpler.

What You Need:

Any major browser and text editor, as well as the current versions of git, NodeJS, and npm.




不要害怕,您正處於正確的位置。不用擔心陷入理論的泥沼中。從基礎知識開始,建立小型應用程序以說明更深層次的觀點。將這些基礎知識應用於更複雜的問題,如處理異步狀態和避免競爭條件。一旦您掌握了複雜問題,就可以跳入架構,了解如何在沒有框架的情況下構建基於Observables的應用程序,以及在Angular 2的領域中。掌握Observables後,轉向構建基於畫布的遊戲,展示您對Observables靈活性的深刻理解。