SQL Antipatterns, Volume 1: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming (Paperback)

Karwin, Bill

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  • 出版日期: 2022-11-29
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  • ISBN: 1680508989
  • ISBN-13: 9781680508987
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SQL is the ubiquitous language for software developers working with structured data. Most developers who rely on SQL are experts in their favorite language (such as Java, Python, or Go), but they're not experts in SQL. They often depend on antipatterns - solutions that look right but become increasingly painful to work with as you uncover their hidden costs. Learn to identify and avoid many of these common blunders. Refactor an inherited nightmare into a data model that really works. Updated for the current versions of MySQL and Python, this new edition adds a dozen brand new mini-antipatterns for quick wins.

No matter which platform, framework, or language you use, the database is the foundation of your application, and the SQL database language is the standard for working with it. Antipatterns are solutions that look simple at the surface, but soon mire you down with needless work. Learn to identify these traps, and craft better solutions for the often-asked questions in this book. Avoid the mistakes that lead to poor performance and quality, and master the principles that make SQL a powerful and flexible tool for handling data and logic.

Dive deep into SQL and database design, and learn to recognize the most common missteps made by software developers in database modeling, SQL query logic, and code design of data-driven applications. See practical examples of misconceptions about SQL that can lure software projects astray. Find the greatest value in each group of data. Understand why an intersection table may be your new best friend. Store passwords securely and don't reinvent the wheel. Handle NULL values like a pro. Defend your web applications against the security weakness of SQL injection.

Use SQL the right way - it can save you from headaches and needless work, and let your application really shine!

What You Need:

The SQL examples use the MySQL 8.0 flavor, but other popular brands of RDBMS are mentioned. Other code examples use Python 3.9+ or Ruby 2.7+.






SQL示例使用MySQL 8.0版本,但提到了其他流行的關聯式資料庫管理系統品牌。其他程式碼示例使用Python 3.9+或Ruby 2.7+。


Bill Karwin has been a software engineer for over thirty years, developing and supporting applications, libraries, and servers, and consulting for leading technology companies. Throughout his career, Bill has shared his knowledge to help other programmers achieve success and productivity. Bill has answered thousands of questions, giving him a unique perspective on SQL mistakes that most commonly cause problems.


Bill Karwin是一位軟體工程師,擁有超過三十年的經驗,開發和支援應用程式、函式庫和伺服器,並為領先的科技公司提供諮詢服務。在他的職業生涯中,Bill分享了他的知識,幫助其他程式設計師取得成功和提高生產力。Bill回答了成千上萬個問題,使他對最常見的SQL錯誤有獨特的觀點,這些錯誤通常會引起問題。