Data Analytics: Best Practices to Learn and Execute Data Analytics Programs (Volume 4)

Mr Daniel Jones

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What once may have seemed tedious, the world of data analytics is now evolving into needed discipline. From keeping track of user preference and product potential to healthcare records and bank loans, the real-world applications of data analytics is continuing to grow. This book is here to help you learn even more about this growing world of data analytics in hopes of making it seem a lot less intimidating. This isn't meant to be a beginner’s book and is aimed for those that already have a basic understanding of analytics. You will learn in this book: Ways to effectively use data analytics Regression techniques Predictive analytics Discrete choice And much more If you're looking to learn more about analytics, then this book is for you. Don't continue fearing the words data science, analytics, or analysis. Get this book today, and become comfortable in the world of data science.