The Art of Clean Code: Best Practices to Eliminate Complexity and Simplify Your Life (Paperback)

Mayer, Christian



Learn eight principles to simplify your code and become a more effective (and successful) programmer.

Most software developers waste thousands of hours working with overly complex code. The eight core principles in The Art of Clean Coding will teach you how to write clear, maintainable code without compromising functionality. The book's guiding principle is simplicity: reduce and simplify, then reinvest energy in the important parts to save you countless hours and ease the often onerous task of code maintenance.

Bestselling author Christian Mayer leverages his experience helping thousands perfect their coding skills in this new book. With expert advice and real-world examples, he'll show you how to:


  • Concentrate on the important stuff with the 80/20 principle -- focus on the 20% of your code that matters most
  • Avoid coding in isolation: create a minimum viable product to get early feedback
  • Write code cleanly and simply to eliminate clutter
  • Avoid premature optimization that risks over-complicating code
  • Balance your goals, capacity, and feedback to achieve the productive state of Flow
  • Apply the Do One Thing Well philosophy to vastly improve functionality
  • Design efficient user interfaces with the Less is More principle
  • Tie your new skills together into one unifying principle: Focus

  • The Python-based The Art of Clean Coding is suitable for programmers at any level, with ideas presented in a language-agnostic manner.




暢銷作家Christian Mayer在這本新書中利用他幫助數千人完善編碼技能的經驗。通過專家建議和實際例子,他將向你展示如何:

- 集中精力於重要事項,運用80/20原則,專注於最重要的20%程式碼
- 避免孤立編碼:創建一個最小可行產品以獲得早期反饋
- 簡潔明瞭地撰寫程式碼,消除雜亂
- 避免過早優化,以免過度複雜化程式碼
- 平衡目標、能力和反饋,達到高效狀態的「流」
- 應用「專注於一件事」的哲學,大幅提升功能性
- 使用「少即是多」原則設計高效的使用者介面
- 將你的新技能結合成一個統一的原則:專注



Christian Mayer has a PhD in computer science and is the founder of the popular Python site Finxter, an educational platform that teaches more than a million people a year how to program. He has published a number of books, including the Coffee Break Python series, and is the author of Python One-Liners (No Starch Press, 2020).


Christian Mayer博士擁有計算機科學博士學位,是知名的Python網站Finxter的創始人,該網站是一個教授超過一百萬人每年如何編程的教育平台。他出版了多本書籍,包括《Coffee Break Python》系列,並且是《Python One-Liners》(No Starch Press,2020)的作者。