Python Tools for Scientists: An Introduction to Using Anaconda, Jupyterlab, and Python's Scientific Libraries

Vaughan, Lee

  • 出版商: No Starch Press
  • 出版日期: 2023-01-17
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Quality Paper - also called trade paper
  • ISBN: 1718502664
  • ISBN-13: 9781718502666
  • 相關分類: Python程式語言
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An introduction to the Python programming language and its most popular tools for scientists, engineers, students, and anyone who wants to use Python for research, simulations, and collaboration.

Python Tools for Scientists introduces readers to the most popular coding tools for scientific research, such as Anaconda, Spyder, Jupyter Notebooks, and JupyterLab, as well as dozens of important Python libraries for working with data, including NumPy, matplotlib, and pandas. No prior programming experience is required! You'll be guided through setting up a professional coding environment, then get a crash course on programming with Python, and explore the many tools and libraries ideal for working with data, designing visualizations, simulating natural events, and more. In the book's applied projects, you'll use these tools to write programs that perform tasks like simulating globular star clusters, building ships for a wargame simulator, creating an interactive science slideshow, and classifying animal species.



《Python科學計算工具》向讀者介紹了最受歡迎的科學研究編碼工具,如Anaconda、Spyder、Jupyter Notebooks和JupyterLab,以及數十個重要的Python庫,用於處理數據,包括NumPy、matplotlib和pandas。無需任何編程經驗!您將被引導設置專業的編程環境,然後進行Python編程的速成課程,並探索許多適用於處理數據、設計可視化、模擬自然事件等任務的工具和庫。在書中的應用項目中,您將使用這些工具編寫程序,執行諸如模擬球狀星團、為戰爭遊戲模擬器建造船舶、創建交互式科學幻燈片以及分類動物物種等任務。


Lee Vaughan is a programmer, pop culture enthusiast, educator, and author of Impractical Python Projects and Real-World Python (No Starch Press). As a former executive-level scientist at ExxonMobil, he spent decades constructing and reviewing complex computer models, developed and tested software, and trained geoscientists and engineers.


Lee Vaughan 是一位程式設計師、流行文化愛好者、教育工作者,也是《Impractical Python Projects》和《Real-World Python》(No Starch Press)的作者。作為前埃克森美孚公司的高級科學家,他花了數十年的時間建立和審查複雜的電腦模型,開發和測試軟體,並培訓地球科學家和工程師。