More Effective Agile: A Roadmap for Software Leaders

McConnell, Steve



This new book from Steve McConnell, author of the software industry classic, Code Complete, distills hundreds of companies'-worth of hard-won insights into an easy-to-read guide to the proven, modern Agile practices that work best.

In this comprehensive yet accessible overview for software leaders, Steve McConnell presents an impactful, action-oriented prescription--covering the practical considerations needed to ensure you reap the full benefits of effective Agile:

  • Adopt the individual Agile tools suited to your specific organization
  • Create high-performing, autonomous teams that are truly business-focused
  • Understand the ground truth of Scrum and diagnose your teams' issues
  • Improve coherence of requirements in an iterative environment
  • Test more effectively, and improve quality
  • Lead your organization through real-world constraints including multi-site teams, large projects, industry regulations, and the need for predictability

Whether you are a C-level executive, vice president, director, manager, technical leader, or coach, this no-nonsense reference seamlessly threads together traditional approaches, early Agile approaches, modern Agile approaches, and the principles and context that underlie them all--creating an invaluable resource for you, your teams, and your organization.


這本由軟體業界經典書籍《Code Complete》的作者Steve McConnell所著的新書,將數百家公司的寶貴經驗融入其中,提供一本易於閱讀的指南,介紹了最有效的現代敏捷實踐方法。

在這本針對軟體領導者的全面而易於理解的概述中,Steve McConnell提出了一個具有影響力且實際可行的方案,涵蓋了確保您充分獲得有效敏捷的實際考慮因素:

- 採用適合您組織的個別敏捷工具
- 建立高效、自主且真正以業務為導向的團隊
- 理解Scrum的真實情況並診斷您的團隊問題
- 在迭代環境中改善需求的一致性
- 更有效地進行測試並提高品質
- 引領您的組織應對現實限制,包括多地團隊、大型項目、行業法規和對可預測性的需求