Learning Bootstrap - Modern, Elegant and Responsive Web Design Made Easy

Aravind Shenoy, Ulrich Sossou


Key Features

  • Learn responsive web design and discover how to build mobile-ready websites with ease
  • Find out how to extend the capabilities of Bootstrap with a huge range of tools and plugins, including jQuery
  • Do more with JavaScript and learn how to create an enhanced user experience

Book Description

Want elegant, powerful, and responsive interfaces for professional level web pages? You’ll need to get to grips with Bootstrap, the simple front-end framework designed to support your development of dynamic sites. With this gentle and comprehensive tutorial book you’ll learn everything you need to know to start building websites with Bootstrap in a practical way. Get stuck in as you discover the principles of mobile-first design to ensure your pages can adapt to fit any screen size and meet the responsive requirements of the modern age. Go hands-on with Bootstrap’s grid system and base CSS to ensure your designs are robust and beautiful, and that your development process is speedy and efficient.

With nothing more than a simple grasp of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you’ll know everything you need to know to explore concepts such as components, jQuery plugins, and other unique features that make Bootstrap amazing. Take advantage of the great wealth of third-party resources, themes, and templates created by the huge and passionate Bootstrap community by getting to grips with the potential of the Bootstrap technical hub. Use JavaScript to enhance the experience of users of your website by doing more with Bootstrap plugins. Throughout, get practical experience as you construct a kickass and current interface for an e-commerce website project.

Learning Bootstrap is the essential resource you need to streamline your web design experience and customise Bootstrap to allow your own creativity and imagination to show through on the pages you create.

What you will learn

  • Empower yourself with Bootstrap’s mobile-first paradigm for create elegant responsive sites
  • Customize Bootstrap to work for your individual needs right from installation
  • Integrate LESS and get familiar with Base CSS to make your web pages beautiful
  • Get hands-on with Bootstrap’s grid system and custom components for building robust and responsive pages
  • Discover jQuery plugins for improving the user experience of your Bootstrap site
  • Explore and implement the wealth of resources available for building with Bootstrap through the Bootstrap technical hub
  • Put theory into practice by constructing an e-commerce site using modern web development techniques

About the authors

Aravind Shenoy is an in-house author at Packt Publishing. An engineering graduate from the Manipal Institute of Technology, his core interests lie in technical writing, web designing, and software testing.

Ulrich Sossou is an experienced software engineer and entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems. He enjoys helping individuals and businesses frame difficult issues in ways that foster the emergence of the best outcomes for them and/or their businesses.

Table of Contents

  1. Getting Started with Bootstrap
  2. Installing and Customizing Bootstrap
  3. Using the Bootstrap Grid
  4. Using the Base CSS
  5. Adding Bootstrap Components
  6. Doing More with Components
  7. Enhancing User Experience with JavaScript
  8. Bootstrap Technical Hub - A One-Stop Shop for Powerful Bootstrap Utilities