Liferay 6.2 User Interface Development (Paperback)

Xinsheng Chen, Jonas X. Yuan

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  • 出版日期: 2013-08-16
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  • ISBN-13: 9781782162346
  • 相關分類: 使用者介面 UI
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Breathe new life into the look and responsiveness of your website with Liferay Portal. With this tutorial you'll learn everything you need to know about this versatile technology. Experience with Java would be a big help.


  • Create eye-catching themes, develop responsive layouts, and write portlets with various technologies that ensure efficiency and performance
  • Showcase the latest features in the user interface of Liferay 6.2 and provide solutions to real problems on recent projects
  • Implement Alloy User Interface to achieve the best page appearance and generate reports
  • This comprehensive guide is packed with screenshots for illustration and a lot of code examples that are ready to run

In Detail

Liferay employs a specialized theming system that allows you to change the look and feel of the user interfaces. Liferay Portal provides layout templates in order to describe how various columns and rows are arranged to display portlets. It also provides themes that can be used to customize the overall look and feel of web sites and web pages. As a developer, by using the right tools to create and manipulate themes with Liferay Portal 6.2, you can get your site to look any way you want it to; however the Liferay theming system can be difficult to get started with. This practical guide is a well organized manual to help you get started with Liferay as a programmer.

"Liferay 6.2 User Interface Development" will show you the efficient ways to develop custom user interface components for a Liferay Portal website. You will learn how to create themes, write page layouts, develop portlets, and use Alloy User Interface widgets. This book will prepare you with a full set of tools and skills for the development of Liferay user interfaces.

"Liferay 6.2 User Interface Development" guides you through the components of the Liferay Portal user interface step-by-step.The Liferay tags, analysis of the Alloy UI widgets, and the anatomy of a theme are explained in detail. Explanations are accompanied with screenshots and code that executes smoothly. This book explains how the components are rendered one after another into a complete HTML file.

You will learn how to create and upgrade a theme, how to write a responsive page layout and how to develop generic-style portlets, Spring MVC portlets, and Vaadin portlets. The book will help you in using Alloy UI, jQuery, Ext JS, and Dojo Toolkit in Liferay.

By the end of this book, you will have gained experience in developing all the user interface components for the Liferay Portal and know the latest ways of using tags, composing widgets, and writing Ajax calls and developing portlets, page layouts, and themes efficiently.

What you will learn from this book

  • Set up Liferay IDE for rapid development of plugins
  • Use Compass to write Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets
  • Develop a responsive theme
  • Integrate Google Analytics in a theme
  • Create a page layout that responds to the change in width of the browser screen
  • Write generic-style portlets, Spring MVC portlets, and Vaadin portlets
  • Use jQuery, Ext JS, and Dojo Toolkit in a portlet
  • Develop a portlet using tools like OpenXava
  • Create an image gallery with Alloy UI
  • Construct an Alloy UI video player
  • Use Liferay tags for rich page rendering
  • Develop a mobile user interface, create reports, and enable searching


使用Liferay Portal,為您的網站注入新的生命和響應性。這本教程將教您關於這個多功能技術的一切。具備Java經驗將會很有幫助。

- 創建引人注目的主題,開發響應式佈局,並使用各種技術編寫portlet,以確保效率和性能。
- 展示Liferay 6.2用戶界面的最新功能,並提供解決最近項目中的實際問題的解決方案。
- 使用Alloy User Interface實現最佳頁面外觀並生成報告。
- 這本全面的指南充滿了屏幕截圖作為說明,並提供了許多可直接運行的代碼示例。

Liferay採用了一個專門的主題系統,允許您更改用戶界面的外觀和感覺。Liferay Portal提供佈局模板,以描述如何排列各種列和行以顯示portlet。它還提供主題,可用於自定義網站和網頁的整體外觀和感覺。作為開發人員,通過使用Liferay Portal 6.2創建和操作主題的正確工具,您可以使您的網站看起來任何您想要的方式;然而,Liferay主題系統可能很難入門。這本實用指南是一本井然有序的手冊,可幫助您作為程序員入門Liferay。

《Liferay 6.2用戶界面開發》將向您展示為Liferay Portal網站開發自定義用戶界面組件的高效方法。您將學習如何創建主題,編寫頁面佈局,開發portlet,並使用Alloy User Interface小部件。本書將為您提供一套完整的工具和技能,用於開發Liferay用戶界面。

《Liferay 6.2用戶界面開發》將逐步指導您了解Liferay Portal用戶界面的各個組件。詳細解釋了Liferay標籤、Alloy UI小部件的分析以及主題的結構。解釋中附有屏幕截圖和順利執行的代碼。本書解釋了這些組件如何一一呈現為完整的HTML文件。

您將學習如何創建和升級主題,編寫響應式頁面佈局,以及開發通用風格的portlet、Spring MVC portlet和Vaadin portlet。本書將幫助您在Liferay中使用Alloy UI、jQuery、Ext JS和Dojo Toolkit。

通過閱讀本書,您將獲得開發Liferay Portal所有用戶界面組件的經驗,並了解使用標籤、組合小部件、編寫Ajax調用以及高效開發portlet、頁面佈局和主題的最新方法。

- 設置Liferay IDE以快速開發插件
- 使用Compass編寫Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets
- 開發響應式主題
- 在主題中集成Google Analytics
- 創建根據瀏覽器屏幕寬度變化響應的頁面佈局
- 編寫通用風格的portlet、Spring MVC portlet和Vaadin portlet
- 在portlet中使用jQuery、Ext JS和Dojo Toolkit
- 使用OpenXava等工具開發portlet
- 使用Alloy UI創建圖片庫
- 構建Alloy UI視頻播放器
- 使用Liferay標籤進行豐富的頁面渲染
- 開發移動用戶界面,創建報告並啟用搜索功能。