Instant EaselJS Starter

Fabio Biondi

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  • 出版日期: 2013-03-24
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 54
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 1782165185
  • ISBN-13: 9781782165187
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Build innovative and engaging HTML5 canvas applications for your mobile and desktop browsers


  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Learn to create interactive web content with the latest version of EaselJS framework and the HTML5 Canvas element
  • Starts with the basics and you will soon find yourself creating responsive and customized applications
  • Learn how to use EaselJS, TweenJS, and PreloadJS to create user interfaces and interactive animations

In Detail

EaselJS, created by Grant Skinner, greatly simplifies application and game development in HTML5 Canvas and allows for the creation of an amazing user experience with a look, feel, and behaviour similar to native iOS and Android applications.

Instant EaselJS Starter is a starter guide that provides you with all the information you need to quickly create HTML5 canvas web applications. You will also learn how to use the other CreateJS tools like PreloadJS, TweenJS, Zoë and the CreateJS Toolkit to create fancy user experiences.

This book provides an introduction of the most important and useful features of EaselJS, part of the CreateJS suite, and a JavaScript library for building rich and interactive Web Content. It will take you through a number of clear and practical tasks that will help you to create your first responsive HTML5 Canvas applications.

What you will learn from this book

  • Download and install EaselJS and the CreateJS tools
  • Draw graphic primitives
  • Display dynamic text
  • Load images with JavaScript and PreloadJS
  • Work with Display Objects and the display list
  • Create the Container class
  • Learn the concept of a registration point
  • Handle mouse and touch events
  • Create animations with TweenJS and the Ticker class
  • Generate and use spritesheets with Zoë and EaselJS
  • Build cross-platform games and applications for desktop and mobile devices


Get to grips with a new technology, understand what it is and what it can do for you, and then get to work with the most important features and tasks.A short and precise guide to get you started with EaselJS , helping you to create some cool applications and games.

Who this book is written for

EaselJS greatly simplifies application development in HTML5 Canvas using a syntax and an architecture very similar to the ActionScript 3.0 language. As a result, Flash / Flex developers will immediately feel at home but it's very easy to learn even if you've never opened Flash in your life. The book targets Web designers, animators, Digital content producers, and Flash and Flex developers.

It's assumed that you will have some experience in HTML and pure JavaScript.


建立創新且引人入勝的HTML5 canvas應用程式,適用於行動和桌面瀏覽器

- 立即學習新知識!一本短小、快速、專注的指南,立即獲得成果。
- 學習使用最新版本的EaselJS框架和HTML5 Canvas元素創建互動式網頁內容。
- 從基礎開始,很快就能創建響應式和自定義的應用程式。
- 學習如何使用EaselJS、TweenJS和PreloadJS創建使用者介面和互動式動畫。

- EaselJS由Grant Skinner創建,大大簡化了HTML5 Canvas的應用程式和遊戲開發,並允許創建出與原生iOS和Android應用程式相似的外觀、感覺和行為的驚人用戶體驗。
- 《Instant EaselJS Starter》是一本入門指南,提供了創建HTML5 canvas網頁應用程式所需的所有資訊。您還將學習如何使用其他CreateJS工具,如PreloadJS、TweenJS、Zoë和CreateJS Toolkit,創建華麗的用戶體驗。
- 本書介紹了CreateJS套件中最重要和有用的EaselJS功能,這是一個用於構建豐富和互動式網頁內容的JavaScript庫。它將帶您完成一系列清晰實用的任務,幫助您創建第一個響應式HTML5 Canvas應用程式。

- 下載並安裝EaselJS和CreateJS工具
- 繪製圖形基元
- 顯示動態文字
- 使用JavaScript和PreloadJS載入圖像
- 使用Display Objects和顯示列表
- 創建Container類別
- 了解註冊點的概念
- 處理滑鼠和觸控事件
- 使用TweenJS和Ticker類別創建動畫
- 使用Zoë和EaselJS生成和使用精靈表
- 為桌面和行動設備建立跨平台遊戲和應用程式

- 瞭解一項新技術,了解它是什麼以及它對您有什麼用處,然後開始使用最重要的功能和任務。這是一本簡短而精確的指南,幫助您開始使用EaselJS,創建一些很酷的應用程式和遊戲。

- EaselJS大大簡化了使用HTML5 Canvas進行應用程式開發,其語法和架構與ActionScript 3.0語言非常相似。因此,Flash / Flex開發人員會立即感到親切,但即使您從未使用過Flash,也很容易學習。本書針對網頁設計師、動畫師、數位內容製作人以及Flash和Flex開發人員。
- 假設您具有一些HTML和純JavaScript的經驗。